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Experience a transformative journey with our diverse yoga programs, series, and classes for Summer & Fall 2023.
Led by: Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, Brent Laffoon, Brittany Lynne, Byron De Marse, and Mychal Prieto
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Summer & Fall
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We planned your Summer & Fall 2023 so you don’t have to! Join us as we move through a combination of newly and previously released programs, series and classes.

Links for future releases might not work now but will be updated as new content is released.

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Dawn Price
I love the calendar for every day of these months, especially as the PY 108 Challenge approaches. I am hopping that the calendar with the Challenge continues after September 30! Thank you!
Dana Gibri-Bashi
Thank you for this calendar and for all the amazing content! Would love more focus on menopause and related body and mind options-sleep,osteoporosis, and of course yoga. Not because we need to slow things down, maybe the opposite actually…
Barbara Groulx
Would love an hour long session of yoga designed for osteoporosis. Would like to learn the moves you can still do when you have osteoporosis.