Meet Our Instructors


Travis Eliot is a world-renowned yoga instructor, meditation teacher, kirtan musician and certified Ayurveda practitioner. He teaches his signature Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles and in workshops and retreats around the world. His style is intensely dynamic and has inspired many of today’s top athletes, celebrities and entertainers.

He is the creator of the groundbreaking DVD series, “The Ultimate Yogi,” and co-creator of the digital series “Yoga 30 for 30,” along with many other best-selling yoga DVDs. He is the co-author of a comprehensive, modern-day yoga book, “Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice,” and author of “A Journey Into Yin Yoga.” His highly acclaimed chant album, “The Meaning of Soul,” debuted at No. 3 on the iTunes world music chart. He is a director of Holistic Yoga Flow teacher trainings, and a faculty member at the prestigious Kripalu Institute and 1440 Multiversity. A Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT 500 instructor, Travis has been featured in Yoga Journal, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health, Mantra Magazine, Conscious Lifestyle, Asana Journal, Self, Fitness Trainer, Access Hollywood, and The Huffington Post.

Lauren Eckstrom is a Holistic Yoga Flow E-RYT Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher and certified mindfulness meditation instructor. She guides some of the world’s most well- known musicians, filmmakers, executives and Fortune 500 companies in both yoga and meditation. Lauren leads Holistic Yoga Flow workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in the Los Angeles area and internationally.

She co-created the 30-minute, 30 day online yoga program, “Yoga 30 for 30,” which has been downloaded in all 50 US states and over 44 countries across the world. Lauren co-authored “Holistic Yoga Flow: The Path of Practice” and was the associate producer of the award-winning DVD series, “The Ultimate Yogi.” She has written about yoga and mindfulness for Yoga Journal,, The Huffington Post, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health, and Mantra Magazine. She is on the faculty at 1440 Multiversity and was recently featured on the cover of Yoga Journal. She was also named a Yoga Journal Influencer, as one of the top 15 teachers to study with.

Lauren travels internationally for workshops and festivals teaching signature Holistic Yoga Flow masterclasses, which incorporate safe, sound and creative sequencing, yoga philosophy, storytelling, subtle anatomy, meditation and pranayama.

Brittany Lynne is a Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT yoga & meditation teacher and yoga nidra guide. She leads classes, workshops, retreats and trainings internationally and has brought mindfulness programs into some of the most prominent companies in the world.

After recognizing the powerful and life-changing effects of meditation and yoga in her own life, Brittany shifted a career in photography and film into one of sharing the practices that led her to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Brittany has studied yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork and yoga nidra in Los Angeles and Costa Rica and has led over 2,500 hours of practice with her students. She’s a frequent Guest Teacher at the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga & Wellness, which facilitates 200hr Yoga Teacher Training programs at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica and throughout Europe.

Brittany guides her classes with creative, intelligent sequencing and the intention of cultivating present-moment awareness to invite balance and a deep sense of calm to her students so that they may embody their own journey of Beautifully Awakening. She’s passionate about sharing yoga and meditation with her community and loves hearing people’s stories of their own shifts into a more balanced way of living. Brittany strives to share her light with the world and encourages others to do the same.

Paul Teodo (E-RYT 500) is a yoga and meditation teacher and musician from the USA. He received his 200 hour certification through YogaWorks in Santa Monica and his 300 hour certification through the SoHA in Bali, Indonesia. In Los Angeles, he taught at Bryan Kest’s well-known studio in Santa Monica, the Yoga Collective in Venice, and the flagship meditation studio Unplug in Brentwood. Teaching for 5 years in LA, and leading international retreats, Paul built a reputation as one of the best young teachers in town. He continued to study with senior teachers Sara Ivanhoe, Travis Eliot, Bryan Kest, Steve Ross, and meditation under Dr. Lorin Roche.

Paul has taught approximately 5000 classes, both yoga and meditation. He was named the #1 Yoga Teacher in Los Angeles in 2016 by the Culture Trip. Paul is also an accomplished musician, with two albums released on iTunes, and Spotify. Paul has the unique ability to lead both a very physically strong flow class, and also can guide a student into deep states of relaxation with his guitar meditations. In 2017 he sold 80% of everything he owned and moved to Indonesia with his wife Leah and got hired at the world famous Yoga Barn in Ubud.


With over 15 years of dance training/performance with Stefan Wenta, Lula Washington Ensemble & LACHSA, paired with eight years of yoga study, Denise is a qualified movement instructor. She received her yoga certifications with Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, and Tamal Dodge. Denise is a 500-RYT, offering teachings that are soundly based in alignment, breath awareness and healing.

Denise is also a former Kids Pastor (Oasis, LA) and Outreach Leader (Treasures, an LA-based nonprofit, providing care for women working in the sex industry). Yoga and Christian Faith have been her anchors throughout the years and are her foundation for sharing the practice with you.

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Denise is aware of the importance of social justice, access to education, self-love and diversity in all industries. As a survivor of trauma and physical assault her heart is attuned to the value of healing mind, heart and body.

Denise’s classes are athletic, fun and meditative, as she strongly believes in the vast healing power this sacred practice provides. Denise wants to help you find strength, inner peace and reach your maximum human potential. She is also trained in Reiki, Trauma Release Yoga, Mat Pilates, Yoga Sculpt and Thai Yoga Stretch.

Christine Turrentine

Christine Turrentine is a Holistic Yoga Flow RYT-500 Yoga Alliance-certified yoga and meditation instructor. She completed her 200-hr and 300-hr yoga teacher trainings with Lauren Eckstrom & Travis Eliot. Christine has practiced as a Physical Therapist for 15 years and is passionate about guiding her clients holistically, finding preventive and proactive health solutions so they can live at their full potential. She has run her own clinic since 2013 and worked in multiple practice settings. With her medical background in Physical Therapy, her classes are guided by her ability to apply an anatomical focus to the practice of yoga, combining Western and Eastern philosophies.

Yoga has been a part of Christine’s life for over 20 years and provided not only a movement practice, but a pathway for deep healing, self-acceptance and spiritual growth. Christine guides her classes with mindful sequencing, breath awareness, stories, yoga philosophy and science to deepen the meaning of practice and highlight its multitude of benefits. She considers herself a lifelong student and is always eager to broaden and deepen her knowledge.
Brent Laffoon

A favorite yoga instructor to yogis of all levels in Los Angeles and beyond, Brent Laffoon is the lead Teacher Trainer for Pure Yoga and Equinox Fitness Clubs in Southern California. When he’s not teaching his regular classes or working with individual students in Los Angeles, he can be found hosting workshops and leading his signature Yoga Adventures all over the world. Trained in a variety of styles — including Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bhakti — Brent’s classes are both playful and intense, blending traditional yoga philosophy and postures with a variety of creative and functional movements designed to keep your body strong & limber, your mind calm & positive, and your spirit light & uplifted.

In addition to being a devoted student and teacher, Brent is also the President and Founder of The Association of Yoga Professionals (AYP), the world’s first and only certifying organization for teachers of hatha yoga. The AYP’s mission is to support the growth and understanding of yoga as a recognized healing practice, and to connect students of yoga with the teachers best qualified to serve their needs.

Chris Walker is a grateful student of yoga and lover of connection who shares his passion through teaching yoga and human connection workshops and programs around the world. Following an +11 year career in the corporate world in which many of his successes were heavily driven and based on society’s definition and image of success, the practice of yoga and subsequently teaching it saved his life. While only being slightly dramatic, this focus on success was a blocker to his journey towards self connection, self awareness and ultimately self acceptance, and if you aren’t being you are you even living?

His studies began in London and have evolved while studying with teachers like Janet Stone, Bernie Clark, Mark Whitwell, and Leslie Kaminoff to name a few. Chris loves Yin Yoga and considers himself a yin teacher first due to the simplistic beauty of the practice and its philosophy on the mat and how it translates to life off the mat, find your edge, find stillness, and stay for some time. One of his goals as a teacher is to connect the dots between the sometimes overly complex yoga philosophies and deliver them in a grounded way that resonates with regular people.

Walker Way

Jenny Guzon-Bae is a Yoga Alliance-certified E-RYT & YACEP yoga and meditation teacher. In her youth in Illinois, Jenny studied ballet and gymnastics for over 13 years. Her love of dance cultivated her passion for movement and, in later years, inspired her passion and importance for health and fitness.

It wasn’t until she competed on the reality TV show Survivor when she knew that teaching yoga was her true path in life. Often practicing yoga and meditation to keep herself focused and centered during the game, Jenny experienced the true gifts of yoga and later became more drawn towards a spiritual way of living and mind/body connection. Since 2008, she has since studied with many renowned yoga teachers and movement specialists, always learning and expanding her experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice. In 2012, she started a yoga retreat company, Yoga Within You, teaching yogis from all over the world and traveling to many international countries.

Jenny teaches group classes incorporating intelligent and creative sequencing, paired with the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. In each class, expect a creative, breath-led vinyasa class that emphasizes functional movement with a strong focus on anatomy and structural strengthening.

Yoga is a path of self-discovery, giving us the opportunity to continually transform the Self, and bringing us to a place of deeper connection to what is truly important. Thus, every class, Jenny weaves in dharma talks supported by yoga history and philosophy which help students to understand yoga beyond the physical. Her goal is for students to leave feeling uplifted, inspired, light, strong and peaceful so that they may learn to live yoga beyond the mat.

Jenny’s yoga practice has brought many positive changes to her life, and she is honored to teach yoga so that others can use the body to reach their heart and mind.

Mychal Prieto is an ex-collegiate athlete with an education in Kinesiology & Exercise Science. Mychal has been a Functional Strength coach since 2011, Certified Strong First Instructor since 2014, and began teaching yoga after completing his 200-hour Holistic Yoga Flow teacher training with Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom. Mychal works with private clients, a plethora of celebrities, & major corporations helping his students to increase strength, mobility, body-awareness, and self-confidence through conscious movement focusing on form and technique. In addition to his 10+ years of experience training with Kettlebells, Mychal is also a certified TRX and Animal Flow instructor. From functional strength training to yoga, Mychal uses a wide variety of methods to help his students move pain-free with confidence.

Byron’s journey began on an Oklahoma cattle ranch where he learned the benefits of hard work and discipline. He credits his humble approach to life and present dharma to a wide array of experiences, which eventually brought him to yoga. After becoming certified under Travis Eliot in 2010, he taught at Bryan Kest’s world famous Power Yoga studio for nine years. He continued his education with Schuyler Grant of Wanderlust, and has more than 10,000 hours of teaching experience. Additionally, he offers a YTT at The Yoga Barn in Bali through his company Elements of Power Yoga, and retreats around the world.

His Vinyasa classes are dynamic, physically rigorous, heart opening, and designed to help others listen better through verbal guidance and enhanced precision cueing. Stressing proper alignment, mindfulness of physical limits, awareness of breath, and using inner inquiry, Byron’s classes suit different levels of practitioners, offering modifications for newcomers and advanced instruction for seasoned yogis. Yoga has dramatically improved Byron’s physical wellness and has helped him develop strong mental and emotional stability. He believes that anyone with a consistent yoga practice will experience an increase in well-being, and possibly inspire you to live beyond what you currently think is possible.

Erin Rose Ward strives to find out what it means to thrive and how to help others to do the same. Conscious movement, breath, and meditation have evolved as her primary access points to personal freedom as well as what she offers to the world.  

Inspired by the infinite healing capacity of ancient wisdom practices, Erin lives and serves as a 750hr RYT yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation, breathwork, and spiritual fitness teacher with a mission to be a conduit for big love in the world.

As a teacher and a writer, Erin looks for the weaving together of philosophy and practicality to foster a safe space for people to come, just as they are, move and breathe through whatever they’re going through, and tap into something bigger than their personal story. Erin is currently getting her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Somatic Therapy. 

Erin teaches public, private, and online classes. She is trained as a spiritual psychology counselor, and leads both domestic as well as international wellness retreats. She is one of the lead teachers for The Class by Taryn Toomey method.

This is real yoga. They don't churn out classes and programs like it's a factory. Everything else is one part of yoga. This is everything. The wisdom and the intentions. The themes are meaningful not silly. The heart of the instructors is palpable in their sequences and their words.

Nicole C., Canada

The content is thoughtfully and intentionally created. It comes from a place of integrity and wisdom and successfully strengthens both the body and the mind.

Desirae Y., USA

This is the first time I've paid for an online yoga program. I can feel my whole approach to life changing by utilising all of the program's content.

Karla W., Australia

Whatever your body needs, wherever your mind is at, there is a beautifully shot, inspiring practice that speaks directly to you. The music, diversity and passion set it apart from anything else I have subscribed to.

Diane T., UK

The things I truly love about Inner Dimension TV is the diversity of classes, the diversity of instructors, the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

John H., USA