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The 6 Human Dimensions

All of our classes and programs are built and designed to exercise and strengthen these 6 Human Dimensions. We invite you to explore them here, and within.

Your Instructors

  • “In my classes, I hope to challenge you, to grow you, to awaken to your fullest potential, physically, mentally, emotionally, and soulfully.”

    Travis Eliot
  • “In my classes, you’ll learn that yoga is more than what you do with your body. It’s what you do with your life.” 

    Lauren Eckstrom
  • “I found that the practice left me connected and calm.”

    Christine Turrentine
  • Yoga and meditation help me to experience union with myself and to enjoy each day with presence, laughter, and trust.

    Brittany Lynne
  • “Yoga, as cliche as it is, saved my life.”

    Chris Walker
  • This practice gave me the emotional maturity and the mental maturity to be able to handle stressful situations.”

    Paul Teodo
  • “Yoga became the bridge that led me back to my relationship with myself.”

    Denise Antoine
  • Yoga Instructor Brent Laffoon

    “If not for yoga, I honestly can’t imagine that I’d feel anywhere near as happy or healthy as I do.”

    Brent Laffoon
  • “Through the practices of yoga, my hope is that you’ll find more self-love and compassion for yourself, and all living beings.”

    Mychal Prieto
  • Yoga is my sanctuary where I find peace and balance within.”

    Jenny Guzon-Bae
  • Byron

    “Yoga became my church, my therapy, my gym and my home.”

    Byron De Marse
  • Erin Rose Ward

    “Through the yogic path, I was able to heal my relationship with my body.”

    Erin Rose Ward

5-star Reviews from our Global Community

  • Whatever your body needs, wherever your mind is at

    Whatever your body needs, wherever your mind is at, there is a beautifully shot, inspiring practice that speaks directly to you. The music, diversity and passion set it apart from anything else I have subscribed to.

    Diane T
  • The heart of the instructors is palpable in their sequences and their words.

    This is real yoga. They don’t churn out classes and programs like it’s a factory. Everything else is one part of yoga. This is everything. The wisdom and the intentions. The themes are meaningful not silly. The heart of the instructors is palpable in their sequences and their words.

    Nicole C
  • Successfully strengthens both the body and the mind.

    The content is thoughtfully and intentionally created. It comes from a place of integrity and wisdom and successfully strengthens both the body and the mind.

    Desirae Y
  • Level Up 108 is a life-changing program

    Level Up 108 is a life-changing program. From the moment I committed to 108 days of yoga I felt stronger. The content is difficult but Travis guides you through it and encourages you without sugarcoating. Watching this on video is helpful because I can pause and rewind if I have trouble understanding a particular pose. I find myself standing taller, eating better, sleeping better, feeling better. I highly recommend it!

    Molly B
  • PY108 is simply the best power yoga training there is

    PY108 is simply the best power yoga training there is. I love the additions of 45-minute and 30-minute versions as well – it just fits so well into my life to have these options. I have been following Travis for a long time and I have always wanted to point something out… in his UY series he forgets one of the series in the series of 10 in Cardio and PY108 he adds an extra one! I always like Travis more in the moment when he forgets one. lol.

    Todd C
  • Yoga 45 for 45 Yin and Tonic was the best EVER!

    Yoga 45 for 45 Yin and Tonic was the best EVER! You opened my mind, body and deeply into my heart ❤️ Thank you so much for your teachings, words, and wisdom 💚💚💚

    Suzi J
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