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Awaken Your Full Potential

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Awaken Your Full Potential

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Inner Dimension TV is a monthly subscription platform full of high-quality cinematic yoga, meditation and personal growth content including thematic Power Yoga, Meditation, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, Gentle, Restorative, and Pranayama practices. As a member you’ll receive unlimited access to our popular Yoga programs and classes, as well as to our Meditation videos and Wisdom talks.

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...when I started doing yoga online over lockdown and discovered Travis Eliot's yoga classes I couldn't believe how it is you feel like you're REALLY in the class! I mean - how is that? It's very clever. I actually look up occasionally to see who is using blocks or modifying like I need to etc 😉 lol. I like the jokes and stories along the way and it always feels very inclusive. I haven't experienced this before with an online platform and it was this along with the content that made me sign up.

Julie Gray, Facebook

Discovering inner dimension TV is the single best thing that has happened to me this year. Having such a vast array of yoga and meditation to tap into anytime I wish is like a dream come true. There is truly something to suit every fitness level, every mood, and every desire. I've never been so physically fit! If there is a silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is it.

MarianElise, iOS app

Tried this app on a whim by my yoga instructor. I use it daily and it's become part of my exercise routine and life!

mathmaniac101, iOS app

Inner Dimension TV app has changed my life with the variety of classes and meditations available. It is now the most used app on my devices.

mamaudo, iOS app

Great teachers and variety of yoga classes. Definitely something for everyone. I particularly like the new sleep meditation series and the level up 108 classes.

Jess6538fer, iOS app

Finally! Now I can download my favorite practices and meditations so I can practice anywhere - even offline.

kellenmo, iOS app

Been waiting for this app for a while now and it does not disappoint. I'm able to stream my favorite classes in 1080p HD and straight to my Apple TV. Downloading classes is a dream, too.

bennyvdv, iOS app

I have done hundreds of videos from dozens of teachers (on YouTube). Then I joined Inner Dimension TV. There is something for everybody and any BODY. I'm so grateful for IDMTV. ♥️

Bridget O., USA

I never thought I would be this satisfied doing yoga at home! All your positive feedbacks about this platform encouraged me more. First time I did a Travis class via YouTube made me not appreciate the other yoga channels anymore! It’s true! 😊

Sheila R., Singapore

This is real yoga. They don't churn out classes and programs like it's a factory. Everything else is one part of yoga. This is everything. The wisdom and the intentions. The themes are meaningful not silly. The heart of the instructors is palpable in their sequences and their words.

Nicole C., Canada

This is the first time I've paid for an online yoga program. I can feel my whole approach to life changing by utilising all of the program's content.

Karla W., Australia

Whatever your body needs, wherever your mind is at, there is a beautifully shot, inspiring practice that speaks directly to you. The music, diversity and passion set it apart from anything else I have subscribed to.

Diane T., UK

The things I truly love about Inner Dimension TV is the diversity of classes, the diversity of instructors, the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

John H., USA

No one has power yoga classes like Inner Dimension TV. I also like the programs. I don’t need to decide which class to take today. I just follow my program.

Cecilie J., Sweden

The content is thoughtfully and intentionally created. It comes from a place of integrity and wisdom and successfully strengthens both the body and the mind.

Desirae Y., USA

The best thing about Inner Dimension TV: First and foremost, the Teachers. Then the quality of the videos - the huge variety, the fact that I can relate to the classes, the music, all the material, and the new class every week.

Manish R., UK

To me, this is by far the best quality yoga platform in quality of production, variety and sequencing. I recommend it at least once a week to somebody.

Nicole R., USA

I've been a member of Inner Dimension TV for a year now...Subscribing to the platform feels like the best gift I have ever made to myself!

Christina P., Greece

Well-paced, structured, determined flows. Efficient, uplifting classes.

Ece T., Turkey

Esta ha sido una de las mejores inversiones que he hecho para continuar una práctica de yoga en compañía. Las reflexiones de Travis y Lauren, tanto la práctica de asana como en la meditación, y su compromiso por mostrar que el yoga es algo más que ¨fisico¨ es de lo mejor de Inner Dimension TV. Recomendada. No se van a arrepentir!


Une grande diversité de cours autant en intensité ou en style qu’en durée. Ils sont toujours dispensés avec amour et savoir faire et proposent des variantes pour tous les niveaux. Cela a enrichi énormément ma pratique quotidienne. J’adore.

Sandra T., Switzerland

Viele Jahre sind vergangen bis ich endlich die „Perfektion“ gefunden habe!

Michael W., Austria

Ik vind alle lessen in de app fantastisch. Ik verheug me elke dag weer om een van de lessen of meer te volgen.

Paola V., Holland

Jeg kan varmt anbefale innerdimensiontv. Her er yoga for en hver smag, restorativ, yin og power. Det er dygtige underviser og klasserne varierer i tid, så du kan få det til at passe ind i din hverdag. Ligesom der er faste programmer du kan følge, der giver tryghed og sikkerhed for variation og sammenhæng. Derudover er der et skønt fællesskab blandt brugerne og super god service fra medarbejderne, hvis du har brug for hjælp.

Jeanette L., Denmark

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