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Transform your mind, body, and soul with Complete Practice: The Program, a 30-day journey of holistic yoga and meditation.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
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75 Mins
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The Complete Practice: The Program
75 Mins
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For the next 30 days you will commit to your practice and to yourself. You will be asked to show up more than you ever have, and at times, more than you want to. But transformation never takes place in your comfort zone. You are reading this because you are ready. During the Complete Practice: The Program with Lauren Eckstrom you will step onto your mat 6 days a week moving through a holistic 75-minute thematic yoga practice comprised of power yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, breath work and meditation. On the 7th day, you will rest your body with a guided 20-minute meditation. But your practice doesn’t stop.

This journey is about balance, integrity, discipline, compassion and learning to live your practice off the mat and in the world. The yoga practices in this program deliver a truly holistic experience, balancing 40-minutes of strong, physical yoga with 35-minutes of the nourishing, healing and grounding styles of yin and restorative plus each class includes a brief guided meditation and rejuvenating final rest.

No stone will be left unturned. No part of the practice will be left out as you navigate your 6 human dimensions. The only question is, are you willing? The time is now. Answer the call. Let’s begin.

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Debra Ramsay
I love this programme so much. After every practice, I feel like I've been on a journey. And somehow each one is exactly what I need on the day. Thank you so much!
Conny Polster
I just did the very first class of this programm and am absolutly in love with it. The practice itself, the wisdom, the music, the created space - everything felt perfectly aligned. Thank you so much Lauren! I am excited for whats to come.
Valerie Jalet
A beautiful program Very helpful in my holistic teacher program , I really like the way you teach Lauren,it sounds great in English! I translated it in French and it’s cool too This program is so complete ,I like the idea of combining power yoga,yin than restorative yoga,perfect to maintain the flexibility!!! Thank you Lauren it has been a real pleasure to work with you!!
Ashley Hinze
It has been a while since I have practice yoga. Coming back and finding this program was the element I needed to get back on track with reconnecting with my mind and body. I have just completed The Complete Practice: The Program and although there were days that were hard. I can look back and thank myself for not giving up. I have reconnected with myself and found love within. Thank you for creating this practice. I look forward to redoing this series in the future after I explore others practices on Inner Dimension. :)
Subhashini Mahadevan
I have loved the series so far. I am on day 19. When the music irritated me on the first class, the words of Travis came to my mind - "be equanimous"!!!! After that, its was a breeze. I especially enjoyed the class "Let it go" and had fun being present in the class with all the various exhalations. "Because you can" and "Heavy Lifting" were challenging but by the third week I realized that I was becoming stronger. Although "Just Be" was vinyasa-less, it made me sweat nevertheless. Thank you Lauren - immensely grateful!!
This must have been the most challenging program I have done since I joined IDTV. For me the slower practices are really hard to keep focus and this was no exception, I fought a lot that part of me that wants to bail and I was not always successful at it. But I have learned so much, Lauren has become this wise voice in my head, and I have the feeling this las 32 days (I couldn't make in 30) have helped me improve a lot in my practice making it deeper
Teresa Thompson
This series has made such a difference for me. I'm touching into some deep wounding within my muscles and soft tissues and finally releasing years worth of tension and stress. I love the invocations at the beginning of each class and how poignant they become as I progress through each week. This one will stay in my favorites. Thank you Lauren for such a beautiful practice filled with wisdom and grace.
Recently all the videos i've tried to do have stopped playing mid-class. it's happened on many different videos but only on this site.
Cathy Kanno
I have finished the program and I must admit this was the total package. I have done a lot of the other programs and they were all great but Loved this one. I am stronger, happier and just plain relaxed and rejuvenated. thank you Cathy
Cathy Kanno
well lI turned 70 yesterday and am on week three. It is getting easier, still challenging but I can accomplish it and happy that I can keep up with the young ones.
Elizabeth Edinger
Love having this combination of styles and a power practice that si mostly doable for this 70 year old. Many thanks!
Elizabeth Edinger
I love this combination and, for a 70 year old, a powerful practice that is within my capabilities. Thank you so much!
Betsy Cox
I fell in love with this series, and am so grateful to Lauren. I have been doing yoga for 17 years, but it is this series that really deepened my practice. It taught me the importance of slowing down which truly does make you so much stronger. As a type A personality, yin has always proven especially challenging for me. Over time with this program, I have grown to if not always welcome it, to appreciate it - and my body feels so much better as a result. It is challenging, mindful, inspiring. Can't wait to see what you do next, Lauren!
Mylène Tassy
Hello Lauren, nice to see you again after the wonderful Yosemite retreat. I am committing to this 30 day practice. Day 1 done. Thank you. Mylene
Seventy-five-minute series? What a treat. Thank you, Lauren. The vocal practice of "Let it Go" is one of my favorites, and I harness it daily. It encourages strength and individuality and has even aided my other passion, rock climbing.
morgane Mabit
Perfectly balanced practice with power yoga and yin yoga. I am finishing the first week today with day 7, and loving it.
Lynn Mignola
Thank you Lauren. Travis taught me how to breathe, Brent makes me focus on my alignment. But you get inside my head which is probably the most important practice.