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With IDA trainings, you’ll be able to supplement your subscription with advanced, in-depth education. All content is pre-recorded so you can start anytime and move through trainings at your own leisure.

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Available Trainings

Online • 30HR

Holistic Yoga Flow
Teacher Training (Part 1)

5 Master Classes + 16 Lectures

Holistic Yoga Flow is a life-changing method created by world-class teachers Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom. This online course includes 5 Master Classes, 16 Lectures, a Digital Manual, an optional 3-Day Calendar, access to our exclusive private HYF Community Group and Certification for the first 30HRS from Inner Dimension Academy.

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Online • 170HRS

Holistic Yoga Flow
Teacher Training (Part 2)


Upon completion of part 1 and 2 of the Holistic Yoga Flow Teacher Training you will receive a 200 hour certification.

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Absolutely love Travis and Lauren. Their trainings prepare you to be an incredible teacher. Highly recommend!

Desiree Heckman

I cannot imagine a more comprehensive, fulfilling and inspiring start to my yoga teaching journey than with Travis and Lauren.

Olya Amburg

Lauren and Travis are incredible leaders and teachers. I highly recommend HYFTT for anyone who seriously wants to teach yoga, deepen their practice or just improve their overall wellbeing.

Jordan Sanvictores

Lauren and Travis are so compassionate, skilled and eager to share their love of Holistic Yoga Flow. You would be lucky to train with them.

Robin Gaston

This training does a wonderful job of introducing new students/teachers to the history of yoga while at the same time presenting this history in a modern way and making the teachings applicable to the real world.

Peter Anderson

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