Our Charity Partners


For Q1 2021, we partnered with Compound. Compound is a new cultural complex in the heart of the Zaferia district of Long Beach. With the belief that culture shifts consciousness, Compound is dedicated to promoting connectivity and belonging through art, wellness and community engagement, in particular for underserved audiences such as BIPOC and veterans.

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Photo Credit: Laure Joliet
The Intention

It’s always been the hope for us to donate a portion of our profits to meaningful causes. We’re happy to announce that starting with Q1 2021, we’ll be partnering with one charity per quarter to help spread their message and donate a portion of our profits to their beautiful cause.

Our mission is to help you achieve your highest potential, and no one can do that without living a life of purpose that includes giving back and being of service to community, especially underserved groups. Please know that with your Inner Dimension TV subscription and Inner Dimension Academy course purchases, you’re giving back with us and making a difference in the lives of others.

How We Give

During 7-10 days each quarter, we’ll run a campaign spotlighting a partner charity with a special promo code for people to use. 50% of all proceeds we receive from any Inner Dimension TV or Inner Dimension Academy purchases using this code will be donated to the Charity, always with a minimum commitment from us directly. In addition, our instructors will often further promote this effort through live classes or other offerings to spread the word and increase giving.