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Grow our Community – Get One Month Free

Thank you for helping the Inner Dimension family grow. Each friend you successfully refer to Inner Dimension TV will get you a free month on your subscription.

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We currently don’t restrict the number of friends you can invite to the platform! Feel free to invite as many folk as you feel is appropriate.

Here’s an example email:

Hi Joe,

Your friend is inviting you to join Inner Dimension TV, an online yoga, meditation and daily wisdom community unlike any other.

Awaken your greatest potential with unlimited access to hundreds of classes.

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Once your friend has subscribed and completed their free trial without cancelling, we’ll send you an email with the details of your successful referral! Please note, it might take some time for referrals to be checked and confirmed and it could take up to a month or so to receive confirmation.

We will be either issuing a credit that will be automatically applied for future monthly or yearly invoices, or refunding a previous invoice for the amount to the value of a one month subscription – depending on the payment platform linked to your account. Specific details will be shared in an email to your account upon successful referral.