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Our Founders' Journey

Lauren Eckstrom

Founder & co-CEO

In my early twenties I felt trapped fulfilling the expectations of my culture and family. I was stalled in a comfortable yet loveless relationship that was dispassionate and wonted. I felt lost, confused, and alone. Most painfully, I was caught in a corporate job that while financially beneficial, sucked the life out of my soul. I was unable to perceive a way out, depressed because I couldn’t decipher what steps to take next to change my life, and at a total loss as to how to regain happiness. I was caught in unhealthy habits, addictions, and fears. It was a silent suffering, like slowly suffocating from carbon monoxide poisoning. Then I became crippled with anxiety. My heart would race, I would break out in a cold sweat, my vision would narrow, and I would edge nearer and nearer toward fainting or vomiting. The experience was visceral and terrifying. And, it brought me to yoga.

I remember very little about my first yoga class except that it was the first time I sat face-to-face with my pain, and I survived! Laying down for Savasana, the final resting posture, I surrendered into the floor. Layers of stress, fear, and panic melted away. For the first time, in a long time, I felt at peace in my body and in my mind. I don’t remember when I went back to yoga again, but I know I did. I left class knowing I had just met my biggest challenge and my greatest gift. Yoga would eventually teach me that I could experience the depth of my pain, and not only survive but thrive. Meditation would eventually teach me that I could feel my feelings and not run away.

Yoga and meditation shifted the entire course of my life. Today I live a life that many people dream of. I travel the world, do what I love, help others, and am married to a man I love and who loves me in return. I would not be here without the roadmap the practices of yoga, meditation, and personal growth provide and I promise they will help you achieve your unique vision of a life you are head over heels in love with too. I am honored to share these practices with you and I cannot wait to welcome you to our Inner Dimension family, a global community that is here to support you on your journey to a life you love.

I was introduced to meditation at the age of nine. It was then that I discovered a dimension beyond the limitation of the five senses. As I became a teenager, I became less interested in meditation and spirituality, and more enamored with the material world.

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I was reluctantly dragged into a yoga class in Santa Monica, California. Immediately, I felt like I had come back home. I was blown away by the modality of yoga which incorporated body, energy, mind, heart, wisdom and soul – the six dimensions which form the foundation of everything we do today.

Soon after starting my yoga path, I faced a couple of near death experiences: almost drowning in Kauai, and surviving the Thailand Tusnami of 2004.

It was after these life changing events that I found my true purpose and dedicated my life to spreading the teachings of yoga and meditation to as many people as possible. I have been on that path for well over a decade now and am thriving teaching my signature Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles and in workshops, festivals and retreats around the world. My style has been described as intensely dynamic and has been adopted by many of today’s top athletes, celebrities, and entertainers.

Most recently, I have become passionate about spreading yoga and meditation, with my wife Lauren, inside maximum-security prisons. It’s been an epic journey of hope and redemption to see how these prisons are demonstrating to the rest of the world what’s possible when you bring light to a dark place. With inspiration, practice and dedication, I believe all things are possible – I’m looking forward to having you on the path with me as we grow the Inner Dimension community.

Travis Eliot

Founder & co-CEO

Our Mission

To create innovative content that inspires your 6 dimensions and your highest potential.

Each time I finish a program, I think, "that was amazing, nothing can be better"... but then up pops a fantastic new one. I really am grateful to Inner Dimension TV for my time on the mat every single day.

Diane T.

I love Inner Dimension TV and the way it makes it easy for everyone to practice well. Warm thank you to all you amazing instructors!

Line B.

To me, this is by far the best quality yoga platform in quality of production, variety and sequencing. I recommend it at least once a week to somebody.

Nicole R.

The things I truly love about Inner Dimension TV is the diversity of classes, the diversity of instructors, the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

John H.

I've been a member of Inner Dimension TV for a year now...Subscribing to the platform feels like the best gift I have ever made to myself!

Christina P.