Online • 300HRS

300HR Teacher Training
Yoga Asana Advancement (30 Hrs)

with Brent Laffoon

This training is for students looking to advance their yoga asana, or posture, practice. This training will give you access to your full physical potential by helping you understand how to safely and effectively build strength and flexibility in your muscles, along with mobility and stability in your joints. Between a variety of informative lectures on functional anatomy, a series of practices and master classes designed to help you integrate the lessons from the lectures, you will come away from this training with a valuable set of tools and skills to help you deepen your yoga practice for many years to come. *These classes are intended for advanced yogis who have experience with challenging poses and intense practice. If you engage in this class, you agree to do so voluntarily at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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Training Content

Part 5 of the online 300 hour Holistic Yoga Flow (HYF) Yoga Asana Advancement constitutes 30 hours’ worth of training and includes 10 Lectures, 11 Posture Tutorials, 13 Practices, and 6 Masterclasses, an in-depth manual and access to our exclusive private HYF Community Group. Upon completion, you will receive a 30 hour HYF Yoga Advanced Asana certificate authorized by Inner Dimension Academy.

6 Masterclasses

These Masterclasses are meant to challenge you mentally as well as physically. As much as possible, try to approach these 60-minute practices with an open mind, and a well-rested body. As always, do you best. And don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm, determination, courage, patience and faith, as well a sense of playfulness.

Sweet Surrender
60 mins
A Twist on Twists
60 mins
What Those Hips Do
60 mins
Bending Over Backwards
60 mins
Hands Are for Standing Too
60 mins
Heels Over Head
60 mins

Lectures & Postures

The lectures and practices in this training are designed to build on each other. Because of this, you’ll need to complete each lecture and practice in the order they’re offered before moving on to the next. Additionally, each section offers a series of homework assignments meant to help you further absorb and integrate the lessons.

Part I – Functional Anatomy







Arms & Hands

Legs & Feet

Part II – Posture Categories



Forward Folds




Arm Balances





Additional Course Resources


You will also receive a digital manual to support your training as you watch the lectures. The powerful information in the manual will be yours to reference for years to come. The digital manual also includes worksheets to complete necessary requirements.


After successful completion of the 30hr training, you will receive an “Yoga Asana Advancement” certificate authorized by Inner Dimension Academy.


Community is a key component to Holistic Yoga Flow. In this private group you will be able to connect with other yogis all over the globe.

Learn From The Best

Travis Eliot

Since I began practicing in 2010, I’ve had the good fortune of learning from a wide variety of truly remarkable teachers. Between the knowledge, wisdom and experience they’ve all shared with me, as well as a number of discoveries I’ve made on my own, I’ve been able to cultivate a style of practice that has proven effective for me and many others, and I am here to share as much of what I’ve learned and discovered as I can in the hopes that it will help you not only to move your body in ways you never dreamed or imagined possible, but also to move your self through life in a way that brings you as much peace and joy as possible.

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In the first Masterclass, I experienced a little release by Chanting “RAM” & “OM”- I had tears in my eyes and cried. I honestly can’t remember, If I’ve ever had this during my practice. I think it was the feeling of pure gratitude to enter this training.

Lisa Marie

I am a yoga teacher and embarked on this journey with Travis and Lauren using the beginners mind. For me it is absolutely inspirational, informative, exciting and magical… I am honored to have come across Inner Dimension. It has changed my yoga teaching. Thank you!


I feel immensely honored to be part of this program. It has an incredibly authentic energy – looking forward to 200 hours of inspiration. Warm greetings to all those who share this transformative journey.

With Inspiration, Roshni

What a comprehensive program! I have been a member of IDM TV for the past 15 months…but wanted to deepen my practice and get a better understanding of the work. This is the best program to do that. I don’t intend to teach but to grow…Thank you Lauren and Travis for your generosity.


This has been a true blessing on all levels…I never thought getting certified online could be that emotional. The experience is so real, honest and genuine. There is so much effort put behind curating the content from setup, to sequence to music… it is just flawless.


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