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Join the journey of strength and serenity with 'Flow and Stretch,' a 60-day yoga fusion program blending power and yin practices to ignite vitality and dissolve stress.
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
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Flow & Stretch
60 Mins
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“Flow and Stretch” is a 60-day power and yin yoga program that is all about finding the balance of strength and suppleness, sweat and rest, power and yin. For 60 days you can expect to move through about an hour of yoga each day. You will awaken vigor during power yoga, and dissolve tension and stress during the yin yoga. This program also includes bonus Breath Work, Meditation, and dynamic Core classes along with a digital calendar and booklet.

This yoga program is perfect for intermediate students. Although the classes can be very challenging, the poses are accessible to a wide range of body types and levels. For the next 60 days we will be meeting every day on your yoga mat to train — and by the end of the program when you summit this mountain you will discover tremendous health and longevity!

May this new yoga program guide us down the path of balance, equanimity, and wholeness…see YOU on the mat!

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Thank You Very Much!! Travis & Team!! Beautiful Journey!!
I really enjoyed in this phantastic journey on the path of balance, equanimity and wholeness. Such a comprehensive journey! Now I fell much better, stronger and wiser. I continue to folow you on other journeys, you are amazing guide Travis!
So happy for beeing interduced to your Programms. Has Made a Big difference in my life. Thank you.
Great program, the combination of the daily power flow with the yin works so well with the complete health and body system. Thank you. 🙏
This is an amazing program with everything you need to start or finish your day full of energy and awareness. Thank you Travis for such an amazing creation 🙏
Even though I’m currently working through the program, this is my favorite thus far. I was drawn to the combo of both power yoga and yin together, in 60 min classes that simply fly by. I consider myself at a solidly intermediate level, so I feel this program aligns beautifully with where I am, while providing the right kind of challenge that opens doors for me to continue to improve with time, which I know I will. Little moments of achievement here and there, where I notice that something comes easier than it did before, provide such a good feeling and I so look forward to getting on the mat. Thank you Travis and to all who contribute so thoughtfully to making all of this great yoga possible, not just in this particular program, but in all of Inner Dimension TV. To say it’s proven to be incredibly worthwhile is an understatement, and has profoundly improved my life. 5 stars, but I’d give more if I could.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing program. This is my favourite so far. 🙏
Thank you for being a teacher who guides in such a way the words remain after the class. Namaste
There’s such wisdom behind the sequencing and progression in this series, from one day to the next…the exercises are very wisely organized. Many thanks, dear Travis!
I have done all the programs and this is my favourite.THe perfect balance of yin and yang brought the same balance into my life. Thank you Travis.I feel incredibly lucky to have you as my teacher albeit be across the vast ocean. Namaste
This series has gotten me in the habit of doing a little yin everyday. It is a powerful thing. I LOVE all of the yoga wisdom, philosophy and stories shared and absorbed during the yin practices. Thank you so much Travis!
I started this serie as my auxiliary exercise after a bad shoulder injury. I soon realized that I’ve gained more than just shoulder rehabs. The combination of power and Yin has harmonized my entire body. And Travis’ talks are just as good as the exercise. And the beautiful music… Thank you for the incredible program!
I’ve done a few other series and have always skipped the yin classes, being a more yang person who prefers the power drills. But Travis has forced me to obediently do the yin yoga in this series. Ugh! Tasted like a bitter pill at first but I’m getting better, which means my body is getting more flexible. So yes, this series does offer a good balance that my body needs. Thank you, Travis and team!
Didn’t think I would get used to a 60 minute class but now it’s my new “normal”. This was another awesome program that pushed my limits, expended by flexibility and awareness, and taught me all kinds of lessons along the way. Thank you!
This has been one of my favorite programs. What a wonderful way to combine power and yin yoga. I loved it!!! A beautiful and balanced way to start my day.
Anne Helene Gillerstedt
Thank you, 60 days completed. I loved it, almost every time. And some beautiful Lauren restore classes in between. What a gift.
Paul Bonar
I am loving this program, an absolute perfect mix of everything to get that ahhh feeling from a good yoga class. Perfect.