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Deepen your yoga practice and awaken your potential with Yoga 45 for 45 - 16 thematic power yoga classes, yin yoga, restorative, and more.
Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
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Yoga 45 for 45
45 Mins
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Yoga 45 for 45 is a program created by Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom to help you deepen your yoga practice and awaken your unlimited potential. This is the sequel to their popular Yoga 30 for 30 Program. This newer program is comprised of 45 minute classes made up of 16 thematic power yoga classes, yin yoga, restorative, gentle, as well as a specially designed mobility sequence.

It also includes bonus CORE, Meditation and Pranayama classes. Enjoy this program for 45 days and experience the power of consistency in your daily practice. Be committed. Be inspired. Be the change.

While we recommend enjoying the entire program, you also have the option to enjoy each of the classes individually.

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Amy Young
This is my second journey with you, and I find it even more enjoyable than the first. Come April, I will be celebrating three years with everyone at Innerdimension TV, so I want to express my gratitude to you all.
Sibelle Fremaint
¿Qué les cuento? Travis y Lauren son un duo extraordinario. Voy por mi día 15. Antes de comenzar este recomiendo el de 30 min/ 30 días. Para fortalecerte para este programa. Es fuerte, bastante retante, pero disfrutas cada día de más fortaleza y dominio. Me encanta. Lo recomiendo.
Corinna Sanchez-Mayoral Schönfeld
Love all the classes 😍
Toni Carroll
Chi Flow!!!! Love it.
Gerri Ackley
I just finished day 7, I have heard for years that sometimes you will cry during a practice. Oh boy! Did I today, I’ve been practicing yoga off and on since the 90’s and decided this year to be a serious practitioner this so far has been life altering. Thank you very much for having this platform, I a very grateful!
Hong Ngoc Pham
One of the best yoga series I have gone through. I like how the program flow is constructed with a balance and alternate of the various types of yoga. Chi-classes are the highlight - I couldn’t get enough of it. The series is very well planned, and well delivered. Thanks Lauren and Travis for another awesome program. I am now on Flow & Stretch.
Lauren Galvin
I'm only on day 3 but I just want to thank you all for this. It's VERY hard and really challenges me. I did struggle a various parts of today's practice but loved Lauren's reminder of knowing when to push and knowing when to pause. Appreciate you all
Anahit Hakobyan
I am loved with tihs program , it is totaly for me, like Travic said : yoga starts when you find yorself not willing to be in mat , but you continue to stay and continue your class. I was in that situation , and thak you so much both of you for crating such a great place for us .Namaste
Sandra Grundstoff
I was extremely excited when beginning this program, and some of the classes, I find very lovely. I would give some of the classes 5 stars and some only 1. Two things spoils it completely for me though: 1. Laurens breath guidance is so fast that I feel like I am hyperventilating. I never get to fill or empty my lungs more than 1/3. 2. Both teachers talk ALL the time. Filling every gap with anecdotes and quotes. I would rather have some quiet moments to feel what is actually present. Charismatic teachers, but as a daily practice it doesn´t work for me.
Chanah Leah Till
It's my Day 1 and oh boy oh boy- what a practice!! It's not just physical but it's whole being moved! Thank you, Lauren and Travis for creating this community... I am excited to continue to bring my yoga practice to total mindfulness and greater heights!
rosario Garralda Giacoman
In love with this program !!! Thank you 🤍
Andres Eichmann
Loved getting to know what Yoga feels and means through this program! I enjoyed every class in a different way, I started with a negative attitude towards the Yin Yoga practices, and in the end those were the ones I got to enjoy the most! The power yoga lessons, on some days were a real challenge, but i loved getting to face and get through it! Love u Travis and Lauren! U are so cool!
Blanche Elisabeth
Quite disappointing. I feel like we have done the same flows, same asanas in almost every videos. All the warm ups are variations of vinyasa which makes it quickly boring. I could not do all of them: I would start a new video, and it looks so much like the previous one that I got lost in which one I have done or not.
Paola Rizzato
Overall I liked this programme and managed to complete it. I found some of Lauren's classes too fast, too heavily coreographed and hard to follow especially one where you have to turn to the back of the mat. Slowing down the play speed helped a little, but then it makes the class longer. It's also hard to modify when the class is so fast. There is something about Travis's delivery which helpes me get into a zone. The Chi Flow class is fantastic and I would love a whole series of that style of class. This programme is not for the faint-hearted - it's very demanding on your wrists and shoulders, and halfway through I had to take a break because I started to develop sharp pains on my wrist. I eventually finished it but had to modify a lot. I am now doing the Ultimate PY 108 and finding that actually easier as it's less coreographed and easier to follow. I still enjoyed this programme and there are some classes I will go back to time and time again.
Viktoria Werner
LOVE the twists and the edge tried "fluidity" and generally found the playful spirit of very creative transitions very appealing, BUT when u practice from home and ( first times) have to look at the screen to get it right, you lost me on " changing perspective" on my mat when i had to turn back to the laptop and only heard your instructions which for me personally got quickly frustrating. unfortunately bc this practice is exactly what i needed today
Angel Matthews
JUST WHAT I NEEDED! Excited to finish this challenge strong!!!!!
I just wanted to say what one of the comments (Natalia) said about the program and about Lauren. Lauren is great but she tends to speak too much and gets carried away to the point that it gets too fast and I loose connection. Great program! Namaste