Root to Rise From the Ground Up

Discover the functionality of your body with Root to Rise: From the Ground Up, an anatomy-focused 7-part yoga series.
Led by: Jenny Guzon-Bae
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Functional Fitness
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Root to Rise
From the Ground Up
30 Mins
Functional Fitness
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Welcome to Root to Rise: From the Ground Up. Is your movement practice restricting you? Or expanding your concept of how your body can move? You were designed to move. Alignment is happening all the time. This anatomy-focused 7-part series highlights movement, mobility, stability and strength for different areas of our body starting from the ground up. Each 30 minute flow class, which targets specific body parts, is designed for those who want to greater understand the functionality of their bodies in the movement and flow of a yoga practice. Let’s get started.

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Stace Green
Was looking for a class to do and have been struggling. I began working one class and quickly realized just how tight my low and mid back were. I found Refine your spine with Jenny, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. Some challenge, and moving the spine in the most perfect of ways. I'll be doing this one daily for a moment
Susan Heyward
Incredible series! I loved Class 1 so much that I did it multiple times before finishing the series. More yoga classes for the feet and ankles please! I'm so glad I pushed through, the other classes were just as great.
Susan Heyward
Love love love this series! I had a very difficult move recently and making this series a part of my daily routine has stretched my muscles and relieved so much tension from my lower body. I've gotten so much value from repeating classes multiple times. Thank you so much, Jenny!
Andi Hemann
Enjoy the variety with Jenny but in Class 3 the flow was so unique it took a lot of instructions to follow and I had to keep checking myself on screen so my poses weren't as satisfying. A lot of pose changes in a short amount of time.
These programs are terrific! Looking to build some strength to help prepare you for different flows or different forms of fitness? Jenny has created something special here! So functional for a strong, balanced body. Thank you Jenny!
Enjoyed the first class and looking forward to taking the rest of the series.
Toni Pescud
Did 1st one this morning and really great thank you :)
magali millou
thank you s a wonderfull serie.
helen morgan
Such a different take on a yoga flow. I loved the innovative transitions and the focus on different areas of the body. I am definitely stealing some of these moves to teach to my students! Thank you, Jenny, for such a unique and beautifully crated series.
I’m really enjoying this series and loving Jenny’s ideas for new ways of moving my body. I always like Jenny’s style and calm voice. However, her enthusiasm has caused her to pack so much in that each class has felt rushed - I’ve felt rushed to transition too quickly from one new movement to another, so that I’ve not had enough time to learn each move properly and carefully, nor enough time to either repeat the more dynamic movements a sufficient number of times or stay in the stretches for long enough. I frequently had to stop the video in order to give myself the time I needed, or rewind back to catch up. These practices would have been sooo much better at 45 minutes. Thank you, Jenny. I hope you receive this feedback positively as I really am enjoying it, but need more time.
Becca Van Nostrand
Just brilliant. This series is going to be perfect for me. Thank you!
Kathryn Stromsborg
So good !
Lucy-Ann Prideaux
Jenny, I have now finished the series. I absolutely loved all the classes! Each 30 minute class is brilliantly crafted and thought out - total body conditioning for the "yoga body"! I feel like I have just completed a mini course in anatomy and functional training ;) You are an exceptional teacher Jenny - thank you for sharing your knowledge with us... a real treat! I actually would have liked the classes to be 45 mins as there was sooooo much content. I am now going to repeat all the classes. Yoga students, and yoga teachers - you must do this series!
camille Gillardeau
So much creativity! you give us a chance to open our world and to extend the possibilities of each move. thank you
First class done and it felt so good! Moving and stretching in to areas that often are overlooked. Thanks Jenny!
Lucy-Ann Prideaux
I loved Class 1 Jenny... my feet, toes and ankles feel super-conditioned!! I am looking forward to the rest of the series. You are such a lovely teacher Jenny. Thank you for your education and inspiration xx
Loved the first 2 classes - it's really different in that it focuses on moving and taking care of parts of the body often neglected...and these body parts are thanking me now!