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This is real yoga. They don't churn out classes and programs like it's a factory. Everything else is one part of yoga. This is everything. The wisdom and the intentions. The themes are meaningful not silly. The heart of the instructors is palpable in their sequences and their words.

Nicole C., Canada

The content is thoughtfully and intentionally created. It comes from a place of integrity and wisdom and successfully strengthens both the body and the mind.

Desirae Y., USA

This is the first time I've paid for an online yoga program. I can feel my whole approach to life changing by utilising all of the program's content.

Karla W., Australia

Whatever your body needs, wherever your mind is at, there is a beautifully shot, inspiring practice that speaks directly to you. The music, diversity and passion set it apart from anything else I have subscribed to.

Diane T., UK

The things I truly love about Inner Dimension TV is the diversity of classes, the diversity of instructors, the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

John H., USA