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Lauren Eckstrom has curated a series of Spotify playlists, ranging from Power Yoga to Meditation to Bluesy Grooves, that are sure to complement your personal yoga practice. Click Start Listening to hear the full playlists on Spotify or preview the music on the playlists below.

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Power Yoga Playlists
Power Yoga 60mins
Power Yoga 45mins
Power Yoga 30mins
Power Yoga 20mins

Yin Yoga Playlists
Yin Yoga 60mins
Yin Yoga 45mins
Yin Yoga 30mins
Yin Yoga 20mins

Gentle Yoga Playlists
Gentle Yoga 60mins
Gentle Yoga 45mins
Gentle Yoga 30mins
Gentle Yoga 20mins

Meditation Playlists
Meditation 101