Finding Your Flow

Sun Salutations are the foundation of vinyasa flow. This innovative class explores a variety of ways to move through both Surya Namaskar A & B, then gives you the opportunity to create your own unique flow. Discover endless possibilities as you begin to take the reins of your practice.

Ekagrata Blissasana

Often considered the essence of yoga, ekagrata, or “single-pointed focus” is a state of undisturbed attention. With a creative combination of both strength & balance work, as well as seated folds & supine twists, this yin-yang practice will not only focus you in the direction of pure bliss, it will pave your way there.

The Anatomy of Breath

Breathing is such a vital aspect when it comes to yoga, but it is rarely explained how it actually works with the body. This short pranayama practice will illuminate your understanding of the relationship between your diaphragm, ribs, and lungs. You may just come away with a whole new appreciation for how much of a […]

Yoga Advanced Asana

Welcome to the 30 hour training on Yoga Asana Advancement This training will give you access to your full physical potential by helping you understand how to safely and effectively build strength and flexibility in your muscles, along with mobility and stability in your joints. Between a variety of informative lectures on functional anatomy, a […]

Calendar Fall Winter 2023

We planned your Fall & Winter 2023 so you don’t have to! Join us as we move through a combination of newly and previously released programs, series and classes. Links for future releases might not work now but will be updated as new content is released.

Get Your Groove Back

Whether it’s a tough break up, an injury that leaves us not quite as capable as we once were, or some other event that shakes our confidence, we all go through periods of feeling lost and insecure. Think of this practice as the comfort of a good friend and a loving kick in the pants […]

Wild Yoga

A series of 5 practices meant to help you build up to being able to accomplish more ‘advanced’ postures. Expect to be challenged mentally as well as physically, and prepare to have fun! These classes are intended for advanced yogis who have experience with challenging poses and intense practice. If you engage in this class, […]

Wild Yoga Mayurasana

Our series begins with a powerful practice that focuses on feeling deeply into your body in order to access as much strength and stability as possible. By learning how to combine isometric contractions with a variety of core strengthening postures, you may just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of as you work your way […]

Wild Yoga Pincha Mayurasana

With an emphasis on building strength, stability and mobility through the shoulders and spine, the second practice in this series aims to help you become more confident and capable in your inversions. Expect to fortify your foundations and lean into your edges as you work toward Pincha Mayurasana, the “peacock feather pose,” also known as […]

Wild Yoga Mandalasana

In the third practice of this series, we turn to backbends. Or rather, we’ll attempt to turn in backbends. Bring an open mind, a determined body and a spirit of playfulness as we unlock the wonders of Mandalasana, also known as “circle” or “spinning wheel pose.” This class is intended for advanced yogis who have […]