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Transform your practice with Yoga for Beginners, a 28-day series introducing foundational poses for a healthy, strong practice.
Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
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Yoga for Beginners
28 Day Program
30 Mins
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Yoga for Beginners, created by Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom, is a comprehensive 28-day introduction to the foundational poses of a power yoga practice. The program is comprised of 7 classes, introducing you to safe, sound alignment for a healthy, strong practice. This program is perfect for beginners or those looking to revisit the fundamentals. The practices vary in length from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

While we recommend enjoying the entire program, you also have the option to enjoy each of the classes individually.

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Kimberley Painter
I have just completed the Yoga for Beginners series and have really noticed the difference in my strength, flexibility but also my state of mind. I've practised yoga for many years but have been out of practice and this was a perfect reminder of the basics but I still felt like I was being challenged the whole time. Some of the slow meditative flows were the best after a long day of work but even the warrior 50 min (although challenging) felt manageable and Travis and Lauren's teaching styles make you feel that you can rest, not compare yourselves to others so instead of pushing too much, you just feel at ease and that allows you to go deeper into the practice. Would 100% recommend to beginners but also long-time yogis! Can't wait to build my practise from this strong foundation.
Amiee Baker
I love Travis but Lauren gets on my nerves because she goes too fast and NEVER shuts up. My husband and I did Ultimate Yogi 108 days - many years ago ( DVD) and loved it - the only time either one of us found an instructor we enjoyed- and stuck with a program. We wanted to get back on track with our yoga. Since DVDs are obsolete, I started looking for Travis online - I was so happy to find him here - especially in a beginner series - in 30 min because 1) we are basically starting fresh now and 2) the 30 min time frame suits us better. However, I'm really disappointed that this series is not all done by Travis. Nothing against Lauren, but their styles are completely different. For me- Travis's style is like a meditation in motion - I never have to look up to see what I am supposed to be doing - His instructions are very clear, and there is a reason for everything he says - even his stories have a profound point - he is very calm and intentional after finishing his session my husband, and I both feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Lauren goes fast, and she talks nonstop - it's like she is uncomfortable with pausing or silence, and even with all that chatter, my husband and I both have to look up to see what we are supposed to be doing - neither one of us enjoy her- I do not feel relaxed at all after finishing her session I feel irritated, and my brain feels exhausted. We are using this program on a smart TV, and it isn't the easiest to maneuver - otherwise, when we see that it is her- we would go back to pick a different session. I'm sure plenty of people enjoy Lauren - nothing against her personally - all I'm saying is that each instructor has a different style. I only joined this platform because my husband and I enjoy Travis's style. I did not join to try any other instructors - only Travis. I would enjoy it more if one instructor did each program. The beginners are the only ones of his we have tried so far, but if Lauren or another instructor is in all of the programs we will just have to switch over to udeya and do the Ultimate Yogi. Nothing against any of the other instructors - it's just that Travis has a unique style that works for us and HE is the only reason we are here.
what a,Brilliant idea for pro as well as beginners to refresh the yoga fundamentals..Love your teaching and MAGNETIC voice Trevor
Nice to remind eeevery benefits and exatly posture you have to do, on power yoga sometime we are more concentrate to do and the feeling to yoga are less. Thank you NAMASTE 🙏 Adriano🇮🇹 from Rome 🇳🇱
Thanks for this practice. I have practiced Yoga a lot when I was younger but I got away from it for several years. I'm now 65 years old and 60 to 80 pounds overweight. I tried practicing the Ultimate Yogi series but found it too difficult for me for now. I then found this website and this practice. I love it as it gives me a chance to relearn Yoga without too much of a challenge. I intend on doing the 30 in 30 next before moving on to the Ultimate Yogi. Your cueing on these practices is wonderful. Once again many thanks!
Excellent both for beginners to yoga and advanced yogis as it has some really good cues for each pose!
This is a fantastic course & I am a seasoned yoga practitioner & teacher. Thorough, concise, inspiring. Thank you Travis & Lauren for this gift x
I’m not a beginner to yoga, but after a series of illnesses, injuries, and general life, I had gone away from my daily practice. This year I decided I was going to get it back, but knowing I needed to work my way back without injury I decided to try the 28 Day Yoga for Beginners series. I will say that it is NOT just for beginners. Some of the lighter classes are wonderful for centering yourself on those days when it is hard to get to the mat, and the WARRIOR class is no joke. You may not be flowing through a series of 10, but it will feel like you are holding warrior pose for that long. After completing the 28 days today, I will say that I have noticed a very significant difference in my strength and flexibility. I also think my chaturanga is the best it has ever been. I highly recommend this course to those who are just starting their practice, those that are reminding it, and even to those who have a strong practice.