Inner Reflections
March 14, 2022

Why Spring Equinox Is The Perfect Time To Recommit To Your Practice

In the western hemisphere we are honoring the dissolution of Winter, a time of emptying out. Winter is a period of hibernation, stillness, quietude and spaciousness. In our rush to return to the light, in our hurry to embrace the comforting warmth of sunny day, we often forget to honor the gifts of this poignant Winter season. 

As Spring begins and we prepare for Spring Equinox this coming Sunday, I invite you to reflect and ask yourself a deeply important question, “After this season of Winter, what seeds am I ready to plant?” Spring is a time of sowing new seeds, setting intentions, taking action and laying the groundwork for future harvest. But before you jump to fill empty space in your mind, heart or life take time to pause and reflect on what it is you’re ready to reap so that the seeds you plant are conscious and ultimately provide the fruits you are most hoping to enjoy. 

With Spring as a season of renewal, growth and rebirth it is a time when the earth is coming alive once again. And, it is a time for YOU to come alive once again. As we enter the endemic phase of a global pandemic, your time is more valuable than ever. These past two years have taught you so much and it is a time to wisely choose how you will spend your precious time – your most valuable, non-renewable resource.

We don’t waste time at Inner Dimension TV. And we don’t take your time lightly. We carefully curate each of our programs, series and classes to address your 6 human dimensions so that every single time you step onto your yoga mat, sit on your meditation cushion or listen to one of our wisdom talks, you are experiencing something as profound as the renewal spring brings.

Spring is a potent time for awakening to new ideas as well as new dreams for your life. As the warmth of the sun returns and the days began to lengthen, you may feel inspired and revitalized. This seasonal transition is also a time of balance, when the hours of light and dark find greater equilibrium. The renewed environmental balance helps you to cultivate greater inner balance throughout your life which is why we chose this special time to gift new members a free month of access to our entire library of programs, series and single classes.

During your free 30-days with IDM TV you can experience some of our groundbreaking 30-day programs and series in their entirety before paying anything! Over the course of 30 days, you can enjoy Yoga Detox 30, Yoga 30 for 30, Transform, Fierce Grace, Journey to Yoga and more. If you’re new to yoga or would like to invite a friend, family member or loved one to begin their yoga journey, together you can share our Beginners Yoga program or Meditation 101. Plus, stay tuned, because we have a big announcement coming on March 30th! There is something for everyone at IDM TV, no matter where this season of renewal finds you. This flow chart can also help you find the perfect practice for you to recommit to.

The transition into Spring taps you into the natural biorhythm of nature and is the perfect time to cleanse and renew. But, Spring is about more than cleaning your home; it is an opportunity to cleanse your mind and body of toxins which may have accumulated over the Winter months or possibly over many years. It is often said that Spring is the ideal time to begin again because this season is all about blossoming into life. By releasing what is no longer serving you in a positive way, with the support of a community like IDM TV, you have the opportunity to use this season to step into your highest purpose and vision for your life – all from the comfort of your living room, whenever you want, with no heavy equipment! 

With growth and clarity as the key energies for spring, this is the ideal time to begin your journey with IDM TV and initiate your personal season of regeneration for life of health and happiness. Celebrate the equinox by joining us today.

Below are some recommended practices to celebrate this season of growth and renewal:

Yin Yoga Travis Eliot

Detox Yoga Program

By Lauren

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