Yoga 30 for 30

Maximize your time and practice with Yoga 30 for 30 - a 30 day program of 30 minute classes for all levels.
Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Strong Flow
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Yoga 30 for 30
30 Day Program
30 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels

Yoga 30 for 30 is a 30 day program created by Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom to help you maximize your time and yoga practice efficiently and effectively. The program is comprised of 30 minute classes made up of 16 thematic power yoga classes, gentle yoga, restorative yoga and yin yoga practices, as well as a specially designed mobility sequence, and bonus pranayama and meditation classes. Enjoy this program for 30 days and experience the power of consistency in your daily practice.

While we recommend enjoying the entire program, you also have the option to enjoy each of the classes individually.

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Zainab Ashadu
Love, love, love this program! It’s always a great reset for me. Love the pace, and also love the music to go with it! Thank you
Sibelle Fremaint
Muy bueno para dar comienzo a esta práctica. Para hacer este programa ya tienes que tener algo de conocimiento y fortaleza. Los 30 minutos son intensos pero buenísimos. Muy recomendado. Al final, tienes mucho más fortaleza y dominio de tu cuerpo y tu mente. Hazlo!!!
Venetia Robinson
I have so much love and respect for you guys, Lauren and Travis - just completing the first day, and thinking: the soundtrack is truly mismatched: heavy beat (oh my!) and the heavy base sound too...
Kruthika Swaminathan
Loved every second of these 30 for 30 yoga sessions! This was my first series but its definitely not going to be the last one. Thank you so much ^_^
Always my go-to classes for a 30 minute Yoga practice! I especially love Lauren's backbend class for when my energy is low. Perfectly put together, perfectly paced, and perfectly led. Thanks Lauren & Travis!
Michael Kennedy
This is my go to, I love the 30 minute sessions!
I usually skip the restorative practice; I guess I thought it didn't push me enough. Today was my first restorative practice and I LOVED it. I began the practice quite tired and I am completely "restored" and energized. Thank you for such a wonderful practice.
Diane Davies
Thank you so much Travis and Lauren for this great 30/30 programme. Since completing the Empowerment series and now this one I have seen a consistent improvement in my yoga practice and in other areas of my life, from my overall health and wellbeing to losing extra pounds! I love the creativity of your classes and the music you choose which help to keep me in focus when in a challenging pose. Thank you to all the IDTV team for the great support they give.
Jane M Gilman
I'm really enjoying the site and this series. I have found the music quite intrusive though, especially on more relaxed days when there is a constant beat in the background. I find myself wanting to turn the music off but can't because I need to hear the instructions. I'd rather give honest feedback but I still love the yoga practices :)
Anne Aimery
I have taken out an annual subscription to your channel. I really like the courses, especially the thematic programmes and series. However, my enjoyment is often spoiled by the choice of music. Too often the music is much too loud (Lauren's backbends episode for instance) or completely inappropriate like the electric guitar on a Shavasana pose... The "Journey to Handstand" with Brent is unwatchable because of the music. Could you please, please, please, be more careful with your music choices and the volume of it? Please...! Thank you in advance!
Ben van de Vusse
Absolutely love Yoga 30 for 30!!
Vera Kolodzig
Hi! Just started the program and it seems very good. I just think the music is too Loud. Is there anyway to turn off music and just watch it with the instructors voices?
Eleni Kourakou Grbic
Thank you !
Sophia Hurmann
I just love your classes! Thank you for making me feel so good in my body!
Gali Niv
I enjoy the variety they introduce. thank you keep creativity going
Christiane Lembert-Le Bourgeois
First of all happy new year Lauren and Travis from France. So much is going on right now ! I started by trying on YouTube some yoga classes with Travis and I loved it so then I decided to go further. I am blessed to have enrolled to the 30/30 program just before Xmas. I show up with consistency (thanks body). I have seen all the changes come along, I no longer need that much coffee to so call fuel my workday and do not care that much for alcohol in social circle - not even for champagne that I used to enjoy. I have more clarity of mind, I feel less stress and have enough energy for the whole day (without coffee after lunch). I want to say to both of you THANK YOU. I am consistent and inspired !
You are both so talented! It's amazing really that you found each other for partners in life. Love your classes. Love the challenge. Love the stretch. I'm a single mama to a toddler who works full time. It's way more realistic to get a .5 hr class in, and they are bomb! <3