Fierce Grace

14 days of powerful, challenging yoga led by the women of Inner Dimension TV, with bonus meditations to empower your practice.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom, Brittany Lynne, Christine Turrentine, Denise Antoine, and Erin Rose Ward
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Strong Flow
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Fierce Grace
45 Mins
Strong Flow
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This 14-day series, led by the women of Inner Dimension TV, is powerful, strong and fiercely challenging. Inviting you to meet your edges, and then soften, the women of IDM TV lead you through 14 days of 45-minute thematic power yoga, yin yoga and gentle yoga, with an accompanying daily, bonus audio meditation to empower your practice beyond the level of the body, penetrating your mind and heart. The power yoga classes tone and strengthen while the themes, yin yoga, gentle yoga and meditations take you to the power of your heart.

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cassondra justo
This is the only program I’ve been able to stick to daily thus far, I’m on day 6 and the meditation is missing and replaced with only the “fierce grace” 25 second intro! I really look forward to the meditation every day, I’ll browse the site for another today but I hope you replace it soon so by next week it’ll be there !! Love these ladies so, so much thank you for this program.
YOLANDA romero rey
Day 2 !! amazing class dear Britanny, i loved all your yin classes, but this one was soo good. Thank you :-)
Does a body good & inspiring for the mind too!
Jennifer Cevik
Connect to Vitality was exactly what I needed today. Thank you Christine
Tess Yinger
Pretty much cried through all of it. It was a gift. Thank you for such a stellar program!
Tasneem Krueger-Vally
Day 4 - yin with edges and rebounds...amazing! so hard to find yin with these. thank you so much. Loving this series
Linda Lam
Eagle pose on the left was missing in Vitality. I wonder if they review the video before releasing???
Did I miss something?! I think we only did eagle pose on one side in the Vitality practice with Christina.
Enjoying this programme as it offers something a little different. Only thing I feel a little uneasy about is the emphasis solely on on the feminine aspect - I feel this is out of balance. I sincerely hope there will be a series to balance this with offerings from all the wonderful male teachers at Inner Dimension, bringing their own flavour to a masculine aspect and making this feel more truly holistic 🌈🙏
full of love for this <3 but one question: is it a test to ignore the handy vibration in Erin's class? It was not possible for me to focus at these wonderful 45 minutes cause the vibration irritates me really. The whole time I thought my neighbor has ignored his alarm clock...
Elena Khristova
This was my first full series to complete on InnerDimension TV and I am in love! I absolutely adored the female energy in those classes and the whole series was quite transformative to me. I started it during a difficult period in my life when I felt a bit lost and lacking direction, disconnected from my true inner self. Upon completion of week 1 I felt how the energy shifted slowly, day after day brought new revelations - sometimes I had emotions hidden deep inside going out, other times a practice brought an old trauma from childhood that I though was deep forgotten already - but what a liberation I felt afterwards! I completed week 2 feeling completely balanced, fearless and enthusiastic for new endeavors that life will bring along. Thank you so much for this wonderful series! 🙏❤️🥰
Sweetness. I'm digging it! HariOm!
Caron Lynn
Fiercely graceful, challenging and empowering ....... absolute bliss! Peace, aroha (love) and light from New Zealand
Wow .. that Crucible class was fast .. and must say a few wobbles from me as I played a little catch up on some of the poses ... but what I loved about it was taking me out of my comfort zone which happens when you are embarking on new things ... so thank you Lauren .. I'm still buzzing ... Lisa from Hove in UK xx
Alexandra Wood
High Potency indeed Brittany, i'm still shaking! Amazing and inspirational women. Thank you
Give. Me. All. Of. This. A huuuuge thank you and deep, deep gratitude to the fierce, graceful, empowered, leading women of IDTV. What inspiration you all offer!
Fierce Grace?!...I'm in love:)