Transform your body and mind with our 28-day power and yin yoga challenge, strengthening discipline, focus, and empowerment.
Led by: Travis Eliot, Lauren Eckstrom, Brent Laffoon, Brittany Lynne, Christine Turrentine, Denise Antoine, and Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
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60 Mins
Strong Flow
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Embark on a transformative 28-Day series with featured Inner Dimension TV Teachers — Travis, Lauren, Brent, Christine, Brittany, Denise and Mychal. This series is for students who are looking for a challenge of 1-hour thematic power yoga classes, complemented with the healing benefits of yin yoga.

In this new signature Inner Dimension TV series you can expect to strengthen the seven transformative qualities of discipline, focus, patience, intuition, adaptability, joy, and empowerment. We look forward to seeing you on the mat — transformation of body and mind awaits!

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Maria Rached
Love this series!
So good! Brent you are brilliant !love the sequences .
Sarah Laevaert
Great work, guys!!! Today, Brent's patience made me feel so strong afterwards and eager to try again (because i am not totally 'there' yet)!!! Also love the way you 'build up' the sequences.
Valerie Jalet
I’m at day 5 ,”joy” God those series are so connected to each other ,it’s amaizing! 1rst one with Travis was as usual perfect yoga with all the alignments and held of the postures, plus the breathing ,it was like a Iyengar course adapted to my anatomy !!! Simply perfect And I was ready to meet Byron ,it was difficult but challenging but I was prepared by Travis with the discipline so I did it and I’m so proud! The tree pose on a side plank was really hard but I will do it again and again! Thank you Laureen for “focus” ,back to normal my body was sore but I needed to focus on something else than the sore after Byron! Than the intuition with Christine was the ice on the cake after Byron !!! So gentle so soft ,it was like she knew that we were going to be sore after Byron! And today “joy” with Denise ,I really feel it ,I really feel that nobody could take it out of me so thank you Denise !!!
Subhashini Mahadevan
Thank you to all the teachers!!!!! I feel transformed in ways I cannot even begin to describe. The more challenging classes helped me to appreciate the gentle and yin classes even more. I learned to go with the flow and face the challenges. Immensely grateful. Namaste.
Renee Minor
Mychal's class ranks up there with one of the best classes on this platform. Had to do it 2x this week and yes, you feel it the next day. ty
Emma Curtis-Smith
I am only on Day 2. I give 5 stars for day 1 but day 2 'Patience' with Brent was unenjoyable. It was like a really hard fitness class more than it was a yoga class. I think it was too hard without many suggested variations. I hope the rest of the series is a bit more possible for all levels.
Renee Minor
I found it challenging to follow Joy. Poses were more for an experienced dancer.
Day 1 Discipline is like a symphony - words, music & flow comes together and spread the power for growing in all 6 dimensions <3
David Giblin
Brent’s Day 9 really hurt my back. I have been sidelined for 2 days.
I just finished Day 6 of this series ... Wow each lesson is so challenging but I love it , love the spirit and what a gift to have all these extraordinary Teachers to guide us and lead us to the best part of us.Thank you so much each of you to be there and to share with us . Namaste
Chasity River
All the classes are challenging but with a good flow . Just finished day 26 , sad that it’s over . Thank you Travis and Lauren for these online classes. You have truly come up with a great mix of music and moves and instructors.
Mia Teksum
First of all: this is a wonderful series and I can't wait to continue this program. I've had a sneak peek on some of the videos and most of the classes seems challenging yet fun and the teachers seems amazing as well. However, today was the first time that I tried 'Patience' with Brent and I felt utterly demotivated after 10 minutes. Not because of Brent, who is a wonderful yogi(!), but starting such a challenging sequence after day 1 made me almost give up. I was able to do only half of it, there were barely any suggestions to variations of the poses and I felt it was more like a fitness program than yoga. I know the sequence is called 'Patience' (and it's ironic that I didn't have patience) but I feel like this is a sequence that fits better further down the line. Crossing my fingers that the rest of the 'Patience' videos aren't like the first one.
Iryna Mozil
I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the Patience class with Brent, it is incredible! And thank you to the whole team for everything you are doing! Namaste.
Ruth Henriquez Lyon
Days 3 and 5 have too much vinyasa, which place a great deal of strain on my shoulders and wrists after a while. Day 2 was way heavy on those joints as well. Some vinyasa -- especially in the beginning -- is fine, but going back into it over and over is not only hard on the joints but mentally tedious as well. Travis and Mychal strike a good balance between repetition and variety, resulting in a less punitive practice.
Bianca Cainap
What a lovely practice with Mychal. It was chill yet darn sweet intense. More on breathing and levitating. Thank you
Bianca Cainap
I just saw a comment about Denise teachings. yes she is gracious, flexible and powerful but I bet this transform program is for all levels. I agree to the comment, instructions weren't that clear and quite fast for beginners perhaps. I tend to watch her instead of doing the practice. anyway, It comes with patience within. as what Travis always say "Your ego is not your amigo" just keep showing up and leveling up. Everything will follow smoothly with right teachers. Thank you yogis.