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Transform your mind and body with Yoga Detox 30 - break free from addiction and negative habits while improving overall health.
Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
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Yoga Detox 30 is for people ready to become free of addiction and negative habits. Also, along the way you can expect to improve the health of your overall body, build muscle tone, increase fat loss, and get your mind calm and centered.

In this program you can expect to move through an hour of yoga each day, watch a 5-10 minute talk on a transformative subject, and take some time to complete journal exercises to ensure this program is powerful both inside and out.

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This series finally got me to make a commitment of a daily yoga practice. I started to change the habit of not moving enough during the day and caring for my physical, mental, emotional and nutritional well being. I have kept up with each practice every day and now the mat is my respite regardless of what has happened during the day. The talks provide insight and the nutritional information keeps me mindful of what I am putting into my body during this challenge and beyond. Ten days ago my sister and her husband experienced any unexpected health crisis needing help in another state and city. I was called to help them. Having the practice to count on to calm my body, mind and spirit has been a respite. It feels like coming home whether I can get to it in the morning because of our schedule or at the end of a medical decision filled day. I am so grateful for Inner Dimension TV and all who offer their services here. Especially Travis and Lauren for developing all that is available. Thank you so much!
cassondra justo
This is my first day, hopefully I can rate again when I finish. I love it so far, I did ‘letting go’ before bed a few nights ago and it was so good I decided to do the full series. However- in “start where you are” I was feeling great…and then YOU THROW IN TREE POSE CHATURANGAS??? I really said ‘who do you think I am??’ And laughed out loud. I tried it anyway. They were sloppy, but I did them. And I can’t wait to get better at them. You show us we are capable of so much more than we think, and help us become who we were always meant to be <3
Dawn Price
Holding Space is one of my favorites! Would love a whole 30 days of Power/Gentle, Yin, and Restore! Thank you!
Renee Minor
The Purify practice lives up to its name. Grateful for the encouragement along the way! The right pace for the challenge. ty
Renee Minor
"Holding Space "was such a beautiful and calming practice with an overflow of inspiring and motivating thoughts. ty for your kindness and dedication to offer these one of a kind practices.
Another powerful program... from Cairo to France... to Hong-Kong back to France... the journey continues... this online yoga is just pure GOLD... what a blessing... I am so grateful to have you... thank you, thank you, thank you!
Janice Hinson
First day and feeling invigorated and energised!
Gomez Carrizosa
Me ha encantado este programa, ha sido el primero que he hecho y he notado un gran cambio en mi cuerpo con el transcurso de los días. La última clase me ha parecido genial para cerrar el programa, pero confieso que la repetiré porque tengo muchas posturas que mejorar😍. Muchas gracias.
Purify - certainly did. This beautiful practice has some movement that is still out of my reach, but this second time through, I managed to complete most of it. Thank you for helping me improve endurance and focus while purifying.
Veronika Kalkusova
Absolutely amazing classes! Thank you, Travis and Lauren.
Cathy Kanno
Hi I am new to inner Dimension Tv. I am doing this 30 day detox and am on day 3 January 3, 2022. So far so good/ I am wondering about the menus and where they are to use I usually follow the Mediterranean diet. I find the binds hard to do but I actually did one today. So that is a start as I a enjoying the challenge.
Bianca Cainap
Im done with this program and just wanna say Thank you to Travis and Lauren for this wonderful program. Superb! I love all the classes. I remember when I purchased inner dimension, level up 108 and yoga detox program were the programs I practice. First and last thing I do in my daily routine. Im happy to be a part of the community. I won't stop learning and will practice daily and forever. Travis and Lauren, YOU are the inspiration.
Andrea Nelson
Wow! Its been 3 months since I did Yoga Detox 30.... did Day 30 class randomly and it blew me out the water.... can't remember doing it the last time :-)
Trudy Morris
Thank You Lauren and Travis! That was amazing! Challenging but so gratifying as well. I worked up a sweat and feel ready for the rest of my day.
I loved this series so much that, after I completed it, I began incorporating/staggering the videos into my daily practice. I've decided to restart the program, so this is my second time around; I can't recommend it enough. Also, I just checked out the Nutritional Guide and the food looks delicious and easy to make, which is a thoughtful introduction for someone interested in veganism. The Vegan Gluten-Free Banana Bread is on my radar.
Allison Prendergast
I am so excited to start this program. I have invited friends to join in on Inner Dimension yoga many of times, but now with this ever so generous detox program, I have more coming on board. It is so well done, and what a beautiful gift you are sharing with us all your yoga family! I have personally completed many of the programs and look forward to these 30 day Detox next. Being challenged to journal and stay accountable for all my nutritional intake will take much mindfulness. The journey of YOGA will be blissful! Thank you Lauren and Travis for your generosity!!!
amanda arthur
Just did day 2 and WOW! That is a tough but wonderful class. I cant wait to do tomorrows! Much love!