Crow and baby crow flow

This vinyasa practice builds up to crow pose and baby crow pose, and is energizing and fun. There are modifications for all levels.

Crow And Side Crow With Jump Back

This vinyasa practice sequences your body up for crow and side crow poses, and explores the technique of jumping back to chaturanga from the arm balances.

The Poses Of The Sage

This class sequences the body up to koundinyasana 1 and 2 and explores the jump back.

Building Blocks For Crow Side Crow And Baby Crow

In this class, we will learn the building blocks for crow pose and baby crow pose. We will build core and upper body strength while opening the hips and learning to engage the serratus anterior.

The Arm Balance Buffet

In this series, we will explore common arm-balance poses, and learn how to build, engage, strengthen, and align the body in order to do them properly. This is designed to be a series that people work on over time. Each class will become increasingly challenging. Filmed at this villa:


We all know how beneficial the deep stretching of yin yoga can be, but many of us find it difficult to get into the daily habit of yin. We put this series together to hopefully make stretching a no-brainer habit for you! Start with just 15 mins a day, progressing to 20, 30, then 45 […]

Hidden Treasures

For many of us, nothing beats the classic 60-minute vigorous power yoga flow experience. We put together this series to rediscover and cherish some of our favorite all levels power yoga classes that are sometimes forgotten as they’re all stand-alone practices and not part of any original programs or series – true hidden treasures! This […]