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Over 28 days, the men of IDM TV will move through power yoga, yin yoga and slow flow to bring the heat and the sweetness, filmed in magical Bali.
Led by: Travis Eliot, Byron De Marse, Chris Walker, and Paul Teodo
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
No Props
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Summer Strong
60 Mins
No Props
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Take a yoga trip around the world to magical Bali with Travis Eliot, Byron de Marse, Paul Teodo, and Chris Walker. Over the course of 28 days these men of Inner Dimension will bring the heat and the sweetness. Prepare to move through power yoga, yin yoga and slow flow.

These classes are traveler friendly so all you need is you and your yoga mat, no props needed. And, if you’re yearning for a vacation, but can’t get away, each day throughout this series you will feel immersed in the beautiful backdrop of Ubud, Bali. We look forward to welcoming you to sharing this journey with you!

Series filmed at this villa

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I really enjoy all classes. I like it that some of them have a moderate flow and they are not fast but still strong which gives an opportunity to think about body alignment during asanas. Its a little cold here in Britain but I think the scenery actually makes me warmer (and practice of course) as its 18 degrees in my yoga room at the moment. Special thank you to Byron playing flute - it's one of my favourite instruments. You guys rock.
Amazing classes! I did Byron's class today and was introduced to new arm balances in a very Bali way! Slow and Strong! I love this!
Thank you, Chris, for a beautiful practice.
Wonderfull classes , so fresh and beautifule. Each of them, you are great :D
Great series. Heavenly. Sending blessings and love to all from El Salvador.
Wonderfull series i enjoy it a lot
Waouh waouh waouh โ€ฆ I enjoyed each moment โœจ Thanks for this ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Just did Bring the heat day 7 w Byron this monday morning , what a magical Heat practice, love the rythm, the strength ... and the smile and words from Byron . Just perfect with the birds singing at the end, before the flute. Having done Rest is best Yesterday w Chris , because it was better for my body to switch this way after a challenging Saturday on my Bike climbing up 4 Hills .Thank you so much Guys for all thos perfect wonderful practices . Grateful to you all
I love these classes! Each one has a special style. Itโ€™s introduced me to new instructors. You need to do this for the women instructors too. Thank you for of all your first class classes .
Bliss! What an excellent idea with the four of you. Would have been nice to have the last course taught by the quartet, 15 minutes with each one of youโ€ฆ thank you for another great series.
First one with Travis; so good! "We'll just take a little detour..." was really fun and then the ending proverb of the longest journey. Nice way to seal the connection. Paul's class was very mellow yet full of challeneges. His personality is so calming and reassuring. As always, thoughtfully developed sequences that leave you refreshed and happy. The scenery is gorgeous, and music builds perfectly. I'm looking forward to the next day.
Just did the first one with Travis, loved it. But did he jump in to the pool afterwards?
Fabulous and fun! ๐Ÿ’•
What a nice travel into yoga from Bali ๐Ÿ˜€