Find Your Creative Flow

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.Find Your Creative Flow.
Find Your Creative Flow
Led by: Chris Walker
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
No Props
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Whether you are taking the classes in order or your a jumping ahead we are going to get a little creative in this flow.

This will set some foundational building blocks and introduce some fun transitions that we will used in final 3 power flows of this series. Following a short warm-up, this class will consist of 1 main flow. Because we are going to through some fun and funky transitions as you, our first time through this flow we are going to add something extra. Instead of just breathing and moving from posture A to B to C, we are going to spend some time finding our breath in using our breath to repeat the transitions between A & B and then B & C, etc. This will give you practice being more intention in your movement as the moments get a little more complicated or are just new to you. This is also a fun way to practice in and of itself.

Next time through queued by the breath, we link movement to breath using the intention of both our inhale and our exhale to find a deeper intention in the way we move our body. We go one more time through, this time we will drop the breath queue to help you find your flow based on the natural rhythm of your breath. Finally, we just flow one more time. Your breath, your movement, your flow

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Susan Truby
I love this creative flow, thank you Chris! Had my body moving in new ways and felt a lot of stagnant energy begin moving around :)
Fabienne moreau
very energetic short flow, thanks Chris!
A beautiful yogic dance!!!!!
Liz Hobbs Rhandi
Thank you so much for this beautiful, creatively sequenced flow 🙏🏼
Živa Trajbarič
I feel great after that one!