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Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Air saturates our environment and often moves in a spiral.  In this mandala vinyasa flow we explore flowing in all directions on our yoga mat.   This creative and cerebral flow keeps you moving and encourages thinking on your toes.  Focus transitioning gracefully in and out of poses and letting the breath be your guide.

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i love your freshness, Byron! and tthe way you transmit it to your programms. Thank you!
stephanie booth
Fun, fluid, energetic practice. Can't wait to do this one again!
Laura Molfetas
One of my absolute favorites of IDTV!
I Loved this flying sequence so much! One of my favorites in the entire library! I'm getting creative with it adding wildthing and fallen triangle.
Russell Robinson
Great class
Gali Niv
so good thank you
Feeling like a shaolin warrior right now!!! Woww!! I took this class before a big presentation today (I didn't sleep too tight) and I feel I can fly over it and soar the skies!! Thanks, Byron, for giving us the lightness!!!
silvia araujo
Amazing class, loving this series. Thank you so much
Aenea Lamia
Wow.... I felt like I was dancing with the air element, this flow was magnificent. And the pranayama was surprisingly healing for me. I haven't felt this connected to the air element in a long time, I'll come back to this one a lot. Thank you so much Byron.
Fabienne moreau
my favorite in this program so far! fun and challenging - Thank you for that one. how about a 60 minute version of this class, Byron? ;-)
Maria Fla
I felt a great benefit after this practice. I love the sequence, it was really like to move into the air or into a liquid, while resting in an inner peace. Thank you