Chill Vibes 1

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.<b>Chill</b> Vibes 1.
Chill Vibes 1
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
20 Minutes

A slow, mindful deep dive into a variety of gentle forward folds, twists and hip openers. This soothing practice encourages you to take your time as you explore new possibilities within familiar shapes.

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Davinia Gray
I really needed a quick practice that focused on the lower back and hips and I found Brent. Excellent discovery. So chill. Perfect way to start or end my days. Thank you
Natania Cipriano
Wonderful grounding practice. The focus on the hamstrings and hips in this class is just what I needed after sitting all day.
Camilla Cannarsa
Loved it!!! Before a meditation is perfect because prepraes you to calm...thanks!
Beal Jerome
Love your classes Brent. Following you from France
Toni Pescud
Coming out of Co Vid and was just perfect for what I needed, great cues..look forward to more in this series..Many Thanks Brent!
Yvonne Waldau
Great. I love it
Cristina Comunian
Perfect, thanks.
I love Brent's practices! This one was perfect after I completed the Start Where You Are practice in Detox30. Feels amazing!
Loved it! Love that even your gentle class is intense! A gentle class that i can handle!
This was perfect, and felt so delicious to move through!! Thank you!!
Great flow in just 20 minutes!
Helen Dadge
Truly amazing, thank you x
suzie ross
Totally enjoyed that at 6am! great way to get the body warmed up!
This is one of my favorite sessions ever - short, curious and effective!
Russell Robinson
This was exquisite, Brent! Can't wait until Chill Vibes #2!
Helene Schibel
This is really what i needed today! Thanks for this class