Chill Vibes 3

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.<b>Chill</b> Vibes 3.
Chill Vibes 3
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
60 Minutes

A gentle, full body opening designed to move all of your major joints through their full range of motion. Prepare to relax deeply as you feel your way through a variety of forward folds, twists, as well as hip and shoulder openers.

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Creative, challenging, and complex; yet somehow still gentle. Thank you Brent! 🙏
Wow, wow, wow! Loved it. It's excellent class.
Sonia Robinson
So so good for my achy tired body. Thank you so much Brent. Love your work.
Isha Moktan
Fabulous! Such a unique class. Directions so concise and precise. Would love more like these. xx
mutlu dinckok
such good slow mobility. the music sounded weird at times. but all good. thank you
Jessica Clopton
Moved my body in a way that was excellent for my scoliosis. ❤️
Very well done. Super appreciate your perspective. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Dana Calloway
Loved it! I feel wonderful and at peace with the world now. Thank you!
Flor Arreola Aznar
A beautiful class, so interesting all the work and the observation of the movenment, more classes like this, thanks for this interesting work is just another think, i love the introspective work we can discover in the movement, thanks
Dawn Price
Excellent! Would love more 60 minute "Gentle" classes! Thank you.
Natania Cipriano
I am definitely feeling blissed. This may be the most grounding mobility/flexibility practices I've ever taken. Brent's cuing is simply outstanding. I loved this class so much. Thank you!
The Big Comfy Couch vibes. No limb went untouched. This was one of the most opening classes I have practiced, and it is one to come back to.
Leah Valley
Anna Huberna-Popova
Amazing class and amazing teacher. I feel great, thanks a lot😍
So much goodness here Brent! Love your teaching style and looking forward to more. Take care☺
love this class! perfect after a long day sitting at a desk.....absolutely divine chill series
Perfect practice for today! I knew I needed to slow down and stretch but just wasn't feeling like a yin. This had just the right amount of gentle movement and mobility work to satisfy both my needs. Thank you for creating this!