Ashtanga Intro Sequence

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.<b>Ashtanga</b> Intro Sequence.
Ashtanga Intro Sequence
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

Ashtanga yoga is the foundation of virtually all modern vinyasa practices. This class will introduce you to the opening postures in the Ashtanga sequence, giving you a base of both knowledge as well as ability, to help you take your practice to the next level.

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Tammy Keys Roberts
Wow 🤩 I felt incredible after this. Used to do Ashtanga years ago but stopped but this has reminded me how amazing it is. Brent you’re fantastic, new fave teacher
hurts so good... for straight three days. now i got to master it ;D
fist time did classic ashtanga and i will definitively return to it with next Brent's class. huge fan!
Darren Fisher
I feel so lucky to have found Brent as a yoga teacher. Thank you to Inner Dimension and all for making this possible.
Thanks! A great class to be back into Ashtanga!
Tanja Lakeit
Thank you Brent, great Teacher!
always hard but perfect!
love the class: MERCI
Truly an excellent introduction. Brent is a terrific and inspirational instructor. Gives me something to really work towards achieving!
incredible practice with super clear instruction
So great! Morge asthanga sequences please! :-)
Thank you Brent! I feel so good after this practice. I have a left knee and ankle injury that is healing, so I do have some challenges with the left side leg extension and folding lotus position, but I modified and got through. I am going to practice this sequence until I feel at home in it, then try the next video. Really like the pace and guidance you provide. Namaste!
Favorited, and will be practicing this sequence regularly!
What an amazing introductory class. Thank you so much Brent!
Great sequence.Plz more of it. Thanks!
I love this class, excited to see and try the next one. Thank you and Namaste! xxx