Shoulder Hippy

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.<b>Shoulder</b> Hippy.
Shoulder Hippy
Led by: Denise Antoine
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This invigorating 60-minute power yoga practice will leave you sweetly fatigued with more mobility, flexibility and strength in your body. With a focus on shoulders & hips, explore an athletic flow paving the way to Vashistasana, Pigeon, Chair & DragonFly.

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Marcia Walker
too hectic
Very good though quite a hard class - Denise is a tough task master and slipsm in some pretty hard moves but she always kind too 🙏 Thank you .
Amazing class!
This class has a nice and easy pace; balanced, and strong. Denise's classes have a distinct style, and I have enjoyed every one.
Alexandra Ciobotaru
I really was excited to do a shoulder & hip class, but you mumble too much and don't take time to speak the words clearly and i have to check the screen a lot to see what's going on...
Geetanshu Chhabra
Loved the class Denise! Thank you so much :)
Yes today I done full class skipped the asana more difficoults for me body, I can do what my body allows me. 🙏 NAMASTE Adriano🇮🇹
Delightful and authentic practice. I do adore how much Denise encourages our own inner wisdom. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Denise your classes are always so well balanced. I love that you include wrist work in your sequence. ❤️
Loved this class Denise. My hips really needed this!
✌Thank'sfor your practice Den., Today I just come from one session of cervical teraphy and I did only 33minuts of your class, 👏 hope tmrw can do full class. Namaste 🙏 Adriano 🇮🇹 from Thailand
Gemma Stanbridge
Love her classes. I’m having a long day so this is prob a silly question... is this to build strength in your shoulders or build flexibility?! I love power yoga but I’m very good at bulking up in my shoulders!
Strong class from Denise. I enjoy all of her classes but this one has a genuine quality about it. I really liked using the strap the way we did, and of course seeing what we can forget ;-). Prepare to modify and enjoy the burn!