What is Non-negotiable ?

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.<b>What is Non-negotiable ?</b><br>LIVE.
What is Non-negotiable ?
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
90 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
90 Minutes

This practice is not about catharsis, although you might experience a release. It is about showing up without pre-determining the outcome and being a vessel for experience to unfold. Be prepared for a long, creative standing flow in this 90-min dynamic vinyasa flow class.

Play builds your brain in early childhood development. Research has shown that it is within play where the most growth happens. In this practice, the fun is in the activity, not the end result. Your primary responsibility is your PRESENCE. You are not here to make anything happen. You are here to allow whatever wants to happen to unfold in its own time and rhythm.

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Vicky Murua
Beautiful and creative practice. Thank you so much <3
Cindy Kidger
The most beautiful class, thank you Lauren
Joy Benton
I have practiced with every power yoga 60 and 75 minute class. This is my favorite one yet. Challenging but very accessible, fun to do. Moves at the perfect pace.
Dana Sharkey
One of my favorite classes ever - very active, unique sequencing that enabled me to fully be in the present.
Živa Trajbarič
That was incredible flow. Nothing too much, nothing too little. Very good guidence. Big thank you, Lauren. Namaste.
David Kanno
Love love love this class. It was just the thing I needed today. Where did 90 minutes go.
Nadine Korpus
thank you Lauren for this nice hour of practise and many wise words <3
Artful and dynamic sequencing, purifying breath work, thank you Lauren for this playful practice!!!!!
Indu gowda
OMG!! Thank you Lauren!
I loved the 90 minute class with Lauren . Always challenging and rewarding. I would love to see more 90 minute classes
Serena Steele
Incredible! And fun!
Laura neal
Once again Lauren creates a space that delivers you beyond the physical practice of yoga. You are really one of the most inspirational yoga teachers I've ever encountered. And you create challenging flows and thank you so much for that! Can't wait to practice with you and Travis (and Willa) next July in Costa Rica!
I literally collapsed at the ending. I saw myself as a child and I cried, and cried, and cried. Thank you.
Incredible in every way!
AWESOME! Thank You Flowren!
Great. Very deep, wise practice. Thank you Lauren!