Inner Reflections
July 4, 2022

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

In the United States, where I lived for many years, the word freedom is deeply tied to the rhetoric of what Americans value.  With this mindset being programmed into children and society over time what seems to have happened is an emphasis on having more money.  We’ve all heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness” but if we dig a little deeper, we may also learn that money also can’t buy freedom.  At least the kind of freedom that I’m interested in.

Because the logical brain associates having enough money with unlocking more opportunities via houses, cars, clothing, vacations, etc…. I believe that people have become disconnected to what freedom FEELS like in their physical and emotional bodies.

Here’s a little secret for some of you that may not know about true freedom.  The only way OUT is IN.  What I mean is that if you are ready, willing, and able to look honestly at what’s holding you back from what you want then you may experience a liberation within your mind and body that you never knew existed.  A freedom that is aligned so strongly within you that you live every moment from this place.  Free from society’s conditioning. Free from other people’s judgments. Even free from many mental and physical ailments that have been masked with unconscious protection strategies.  What we need are tools to help us realize that our unhealthy negative emotions, negative stories, and beliefs are protecting us from deeper truth, love, wisdom, love, and freedom.

Here are my suggestions to practice daily in order to unlock greater truth and to live in alignment with higher purpose.

Choice Point Exercise:

When an important decision presents itself in your life, no matter how big or small, allow yourself to feel into both sides of it and explore the choices as far as possible. In particular, contemplate the following questions:

  • What if I do? Will it help me feel relieved? Will it help me experience less stress, enhance my overall health and give me a stronger sense of true freedom? 
  • What if I don’t? Will it help me feel relieved? Will it help me experience less stress, enhance my overall health and give me a stronger sense of true freedom?  

Engaging in this exercise should help you will gain more clarity on your choices and shed light on which one is more aligned with what you really want in your pursuit of true freedom!

Here’s another tool that can be used right after the Choice Point Exercise or on its own.  I ask myself these 8 questions every morning and throughout the day as needed.

Core Freedom Questions: 

1. What I really want is? Freedom

2. What’s limiting me the most is? Society’s mental conditioning and not knowing what freedom really is.

3) What I need to remember is? That true freedom requires self-reflection and letting go of what’s harming me.

4) What I’m committed to is? Helping myself and others be as honest with themselves as possible.

5) What I am so grateful for is? Having the relationship tools to consciously communicate with myself and others.

6) So what I choose is? To focus on what I can control and surrender everything else.

7) Even if? Even if it means adapting to new life strategies that are not comfortable right away.

8) Because I know and I trust what? That deconstructing harmful patterns is the way to TRUE FREEDOM.

Make sure you take enough time to FEEL into each question and the answers. Happy Independence Day to everyone that values their freedom, inside and out!

Also, below are some recommended practices to help support your cultivation of true freedom:

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By Byron