Inner Reflections
September 12, 2022

This Amazing Body

I don’t know about you, but as I get older I have so much more appreciation, gratitude and respect for my body and all of the amazing things it does for me every single day. I’m not talking about my relationship with the way my body looks when I’m “in-shape” (whatever that means). I’m talking about the kindness & care that I have for myself for EVERYTHING my body is & offers me. The fact that I can walk, talk, breathe, smell, digest, hear, embrace and laugh is so incredibly magical…but I don’t always take the time to recognize just how wonderful this body I live in is. Over years of practicing yoga and mindfulness, I have truly started to feel at home within.

Every single day, my body is changing. Evolving. Shifting. More wrinkles, more cellulite, more aches & pains. And also more awareness, more acceptance and more wisdom to know what I truly need to keep this amazing vessel cared for as it carries me through my entire life.

I have found that when I take care of my physical body, my mental health is affected in such a positive way. It’s all connected (I know, I know- that’s such a yoga teacher thing to say- but it’s true!) Movement is medicine for our mental & physical well-being.

When I get not only enough sleep but also sleep within the hours that the Earth is dark (yes, like going to bed at 9:30pm & waking up at 5:30am), I feel truly rested and whole. When I put real, wholesome nourishment into my body and keep processed and unknown ingredients to a minimum, I feel energized and uplifted. When I carve out time to move my beautiful body every single day through dance, walking, yoga, qi gong, hiking or spin, I feel vibrant and fully ALIVE.

“When we’re awake in our bodies and sense, the world comes alive. Wisdom, creativity and love are discovered as we relax and awaken through our bodies.” -Tara Brach

I encourage you to feel into and take care of this amazing body home you dwell in. Notice the practices (on and off the mat) that bring balance to you as a whole. And see if you can, each and every day, send a little appreciation to this incredible body and all it does for you. Shift into a space of compassion towards yourself and move in ways that bring wellness to your entire being. Keep moving, my friends. Any and all movement of mind, emotions and body makes a big difference.

Below are some recommended practices as always:

by Brittany