Full Body Flow

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.<b>Full Body</b> Flow.
Full Body Flow
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This invigorating power vinyasa practice gives your body a range of movements to feel open from head to toe. Buckle up! Through repetition of flows, strong holds and playful add-ons, your entire body is in for a fun ride!

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Linda Pierce
Beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much for this class 🙏🏼
Anja Helming
Thank you so much. Love your way you teach, your humor and your voice.
Houwen Straus
An elegant practice and totally delightful. Thanks you.
Julie Lilienthal
Beautiful practice! Divine timing. Sending love and blessings from El Salvador.
mutlu dinckok
I practiced on a Sunday first thing in the morning and feel totally alive in my body. thank you.
Beautiful flow! I needed this from my head to my toes
Nice warm flow with a great teacher leading the way.
Wes Buckerfield
I learned a few things during this one and I've been doing yoga for over 5 years now. I could feel the connection of student teacher and it gives me joy to learn and then share that which I learned with other people n this vinyasa stuff is a real breakthrough. Make sure to just do the whole class and don't give up and your shivasana is like a waking dream if you just remain awake.
A beautiful practice! Thank you, Brittany,!
Veneta Merdzhanova
Hello, Brittany. It is so nice to meet you. This was lovely, you energy is so gentle and positive, I enjoyed the strap stretches a ton and I'd also love to repeat the sequences you built for this flow. I love how every teacher brings his own energy into yoga. Yoga is so personal to every and each one of us, I am also a teacher and I truly am inlove with you. Great work!
Lana Macapagal
Brittany is becoming one of my fave Inner dimension teachers!! Yoga and meditation-wise <3
Thank you. This flow was wonderful the morning after a very physical cardio workout, muscles and mind needed this flow. Will do it again!
Ingrid Koster
Challenging flow !
Thank you, this was a very varied flow, very playful!
Thank you so much Brittany, a great awakening and challenging pratice I will do and do it again till I find balance and maintain the crow pose and the pose with the ankle on knee and Blocks ..... Great to do it after a morning run and to prepare my body for the triathlon race tomorrow ... see you soon on the mat :-)
Absolutely wonderful, I always adore flows with Brittany!! Thank you <3