Inner Reflections
February 20, 2023

Girlfriends Glow Up

My late grandmother appeared to me in a dream last night. She said to me, “Pretty girl (that’s what she called me), it’s my time to transition, and I’m at peace with that. But I don’t want you just sitting around waiting to die. I want you to live your life!”

These words seemed like more than a sound bite from a dream. They felt like pearls of wisdom bestowed upon me from a plane that intersects with what is divine and eternal.

In my family, in my culture, generational wisdom and sacrificial living are highly prevalent. Living as a “colored” (that’s what they called us back then), woman in New Orleans, Louisiana during an insidious time of racial segregation in America, my grandmother endured challenges I could not fathom. My mother inherited many of my grandmother’s fears and lived in a perpetual state of fear and scarcity due to her southern upbringing. Each of them was committed to using the wisdom from their pasts to ensure that I’d have a brighter future. They modeled to me what love and women’s empowerment looked like.

This is probably why my friendships mean so much to me. From as far back as I can remember, my girlfriends have been my solace. Through the ups & the downs, the twists & turns, and peaks & valleys of life – they are always there. Our bonds have graduated from friendships to sisterhoods and I could not imagine my life without them.

My relationship with my girlfriends is the foundation from which my new series “Girlfriends Glow Up” was born. I created a series of tools to explore, strengthen and nourish the mind, body & soul. Many of us carry both the love and traumas of our ancestors. Yoga practice, time, attention to and use of healing tools helps us step into the most empowered version of ourselves. Having friends along the way makes the journey that much sweeter.

My girlfriends vary in age, cultural, ethnic, religious and economic identities. When I say or hear, “Hey Girl,” this term of endearment marks my happy place. The container of safety where I know I can be me. I invite you to join this community, one where we delight in each other, and welcome generational wisdom & healing. A space where we celebrate sisterhood and intuition. A space for us.

As mentioned in the Girlfriends Glow Up series description, this program was made to be fun, repeated and shared. I hope you choose to explore this program with us!

This series and blog are dedicated to my grandmother Edna, my mother Ruth, all my girlfriends around the world and respectfully in honor of ~Latasha, Sandra, Breonna and Mahsa. Rest in power, queens <3

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