Core Focus Flow

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.Core Focus <b>Flow</b>.
Core Focus Flow
Led by: Denise Antoine
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

This core focused flow moves at a pace to invigorate and energize. Connect to your abdominal muscles and core strength providing a more concentrated asana practice. Mat work, plank variations, twists and hamstring stretches are on the menu for this tasty practice. Get you some!

Props: 2 Blocks

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Emine Mine Maranzano
This was one of the most beautiful and graceful flows I’ve ever tried. Thank you Denise 🩷 Your lovely energy passed through me even from the screen. Can’t wait to try your other flows 😜 Mimi 🌸
Beautiful - short but a good workout and stretch and rally liked the pilate moves to shake it up. Thank you Denise
maria mendez
What a beautiful class. My body felt the work not only physically but mentally. Thanks Denise!!
Love this class. Mix of pilates and yoga and pure core bliss!
Loved the class, but I don't think its a power yoga class! thanks anyway :)
great quick core work out!
I enjoyed this strong 30 minute practice. Great if you are short on time or to add to another workout. Nice blend of pilates and yoga!
Arturo Mancilla
great class
Saya Date
Hard to follow through vocal queues. Constantly had to pause and refer to the screen compared to all the other yoga videos. The flow itself was a mix between too easy (the first half) and too hard (the second half).
If you like pilates, you might enjoy this one. Not really a rounded yoga class.
Nice Pilates inspired flow!
Not really a yoga session.
Nice, short and compact practice and Denise is always so graceful to watch
Ruth Henriquez Lyon
Love it; the balance poses were a good addition.
Amazing core flow with a very balanced sequence. Definitely enjoyed this, and liked the pace a lot too! Thanks, Denise! :)
This was a perfect cominbation of yoga and pilates! Will definitely be wanting more from the beautiful Denise!!
Queen of core strikes again. TYVM for this, was a lot of fun.