with Grace

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.<b>Backbending</b> <br/>with Grace.
with Grace
Led by: Denise Antoine
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

Step into this practice to fill up your cup. Cultivate flexibility & endurance through a balanced, athletic flow. Build mobility in your spine through a variety of backbends for physical wellness. Welcome grace into your heart using mantras and mudras for relational wellness. This 60 minute flow offers a mindful range for your level of agility and empathy needed for your day.

Props: 2 Blocks & a Strap

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❤️ 🙏
Shelby Peterson
incredible flow!
Lucy-Ann Prideaux
The first class I have done of yours Denise..... I LOVED it!!!! Just my style - fun, interesting and challenging! Well done you, and I am looking forward so much to your series xx Lucy-Ann (UK)
Excellent heart opening class with a spice of challenge.
As always, beautiful Denise! I love how you always take the time and care to acknowledge the wrist movements in your classes!
This was an amazing class. In my opinion, it's Denise's best class yet. I appreciate the rests in Child's pose throughout the class - the whole experience felt so mindful and more like yoga than only intensely working the body. Thank you for a beautiful yoga session Denise, namaste
What a fun class and a great mix of calming, relaxing and strong flow. I loved trying the "armless chapasana" (will keep trying!) and the King Pigeon (long way but, who cares??). It's a pleasure to see you flowing with such grace too. Thanks, Denise!!
Tisa Hanifa
Love this session so much!
Denise knows what's up.
Such a wonderful flow that will really help you tap into grace. The mindful transitions and stretches in between poses were very much welcome. Challenging but also restorative!
Rosana Cohen
Wow! I am full of grace and glory. Thank you Denise for very good energy and joy Namaste
Annabell Gangnus
Thank you so much for this awesome practise - not to much, not to little but just PERFECT :), sincerely Annabell
I enjoy every movement and every word - a very nice class - I`m moving with grace and I´m surrounded with grace ... Angelika
Astrid van Wesenbeeck
FANTASTIC class, thank you!
Look out world Denise gets better and better with each class. Nice n sweaty with an easy cool down, perfect!
Claudia Gabler
Thank you Denise for this blissful and graceful class. What a great start into the day!
Fantastic class.Thank you Denise!Revitalising and rewarding-just what my body and soul need