Inner Reflections
May 2, 2022

Deep Gratitude On Mother’s Day

I keep a daily gratitude journal. I write in it nightly before bed. My intention is to give gratitude for something different, but I find myself writing about my profound gratitude for my mother daily. 

Each evening as my daughter takes a bath, I ask what she is grateful for and every single time she says, “Mimi,” which is what she calls my mom, her grandma. I didn’t teach her this. It just came naturally. We are both deeply present to the gratitude we feel for having her in our lives. I knew motherhood would give me a new appreciation for my own mother but truthfully, I found that appreciation many years before my daughter was born. 

In college when I faced crippling anxiety it was my mother who encouraged me to go to yoga and that advice ultimately changed the trajectory of my life. In high school she would knock on my bedroom door and ask if I wanted to practice yoga to her Bryan Kest VHS tapes. Little did we know she would be sitting in the front row as Bryan officiated our wedding many years later. 

Now as a mother myself and co-CEO to Inner Dimension TV my mom is one of the main people in our daughter’s life. She has been with our daughter from the beginning. Together they play, eat meals, attend a weekly class, go on long walks and travel the world. I get to step into my office or film new classes for IDM during 12-hour days while knowing my daughter is safe, happy and loved. 

Watching their relationship bloom and grow has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. In return, my mom who worked full-time as the primary breadwinner through my childhood, gets the chance to experience this sacred, special time once again and with even greater presence and joy. 

Best of all, I get to see my own mom in a whole new light. As a youthful grandmother, who still practices yoga (on Inner Dimension TV!) and meditates, she radiates boundless energy, playfulness and presence day-in and day-out. She is steady and consistent, something all children need to feel safe. 

There is no question, I would not be able to serve our IDM community without her willing presence in our daughter’s life and I would not be where I am today without the example she set for me throughout my life. She is a testament to the gifts yoga brings. It has helped her ease the tension of arthritis, recover mobility after a broken leg, avoid the pitfalls of bone deterioration and maintain flexibility, balance and stamina.

This Mother’s Day I hope you’ll reflect on the guiding forces in your life – whether that was your mother or another nurturing figure. I hope you’ll appreciate the ways you were loved and cared for, and the ways we can love and care for this planet and each other. And in that space of appreciation, consider giving the gift of health, wellness, vitality and longevity with an Inner Dimension TV subscription!

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Last but not least, below are some recommended practices to deepen your gratitude this Mother’s Day:

Mom on the Go Power Yoga

By Lauren