Mom on the Go

Revitalize your postpartum body with 20-minute yoga practices designed to strengthen and energize you for the day.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
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Mom on the Go
20 Mins
All Levels

If you’ve given birth, no matter how long ago, you are considered postpartum (for life!). This postnatal series is designed for moms on the go. Whether you are a new mom healing from birth and integrating your new role as a mother, OR a longtime mom with a busy schedule, this series of classes is designed for you.

Each of the 7 thematic yoga practices is only 20 minutes but will provide you with a holistic journey through your entire body to energize, invigorate and prepare you for the day. With movements designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, core, and upper and lower body, this 28-day series of classes will welcome you home to your body and the emotional journey of motherhood.

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Post foot injury these mama workouts are perfect!!! I'm going to keep doing them over and over until my strength and range of motion has returned.
After completing the pre natal yoga program, this was the perfect series to recover and strengthen my body in the postpartum phase. Each class is short, strong and sweet. I absolutely love it. Its a fantastic way to jump back into my daily yoga routine.
Vanessa Cantinho de Jesus
To be honest I found this program stressful for postpartum. I loved the prenatal one but this one was way too fast for me and I consider myself an experienced yogi. I only tried to do it 2 months postpartum and was surprised to see it was suggested that it could be done in early stages. I felt out of breath and out of balance too often and pressured to be doing fast yoga. I think this might be great for later stages of motherhood when you are lacking time but it wasn't helpful for me at this stage.
Stacey Webb
I love this program. I have been struggling with my health for the past year but am an avid yoga and power yoga lover. But due to my health issues it's been very difficult to maintain any kind of consistent yoga program. This program has been exactly what I need to ease back into a regular yoga routine. It is a wonderful starting point And will now allow me to move forward into gradually more intense routines and programs. I'm excited to get back in shape and back to who and where I was before my health problems!
How wonderful. I LOVED the prenatal series. By far the best out there. And now I started this series with my little baby watching me. It's the BEST. Thank you Lauren!
I don't have children, but I find great value in these gorgeous classes Lauren. Thank you.
My postpartum issues are long gone (10yo twins) but after a two month break of any physical activity due to back issues I needed something short and not demanding at all. This was perfect! Thank you very much ❣️
This was such a great 28-day practice. I started quarantine strong, with a daily yoga practice and working through Yoga 30 for 30 and Level Up 108. But then I hit a bit of a slump mentally & emotionally. It was tough to get on the mat. Lauren's Mom on the Go practice was a perfect way to break through--the 20-minute practices felt manageable (I did them before going to my dining room), and each and every class reawakened my yoga body, mind, and spirit. My youngest child is 14 years-old, but honestly, I'd recommend this practice to everyone. Perfect!
What a sweet surprise. I am 13 years "postpartum" and tried this on a whim because I was short on time. I will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you
Great 20 minute practice. I do not have children but sit at a computer. I really loved the shoulder stretches but there was a little bit of everything else in a fast flow. Great!!!
Nicole Villapiano
I loved the prenatal series and just started up with yoga again 7 days post partum. So excited to follow this 28 day program over the next month while my body heals. Lauren's classes are taught with great intention and thoughtfulness. I always leave her sessions reinvigorated and calm. This is exactly what I need right now, thank you for making these practices available!
Thank you for creating a mom specific program. I loved the prenatal series and am so excited to have 20 minute sessions with you again! Thank you!
Beautiful first practice ! I have suffered with low back issues for 23 years (after birth of my son). Feels like a reset for my back & pelvis. I'm looking forward to completing the rest. I know you have physiotherapy talent in your staff, thank you!