Inner Reflections
August 31, 2020


We all know it – water is critical for your health. So why don’t we drink enough each day? Like anything, we can have the knowledge but often it’s still not enough to motivate us to take action. This translates to practicing yoga, meditating daily, eating healthy, not texting while driving, and oh so much more.

We know the basics: increased water consumption can decrease headaches, cravings, hunger, fatigue, symptoms of arthritis and other chronic diseases. Beverages like coffee, soda, alcohol and energy drinks all have dehydrating elements. The brain, as well as the body, is mostly made of water and water therapy can cleanse and heal the skin.

So knowing this, why do we still withhold this essential element to our greatest well-being from our daily routine? If you’re ready to make a simple shift that will radically improve your health, skin and vitality, grab a journal and pen and write your answers to the following questions:

1. In order to take a new action you have to begin by changing your story. What story do you currently tell yourself about drinking water? Write your story in your journal. Don’t edit anything and be honest.

2. Think about the past 24 hours. What beverages did you consume? Write out the type of beverage, the estimated number of ounces, time of day you enjoyed them and a brief description of how felt immediately after and several hours after each beverage. You might surprise yourself and realize you are consuming more water than you realize or you might awaken to how dehydrated you actually are.

3. People heal their stories with the support of high mileage questions so next, ask yourself, “how can increasing my daily water intake support my well-being?” How can you shift your story about drinking water to better support yourself? Do you suffer from exhaustion, chronic pain, skin breakouts, poor or sluggish digestion, insomnia or any other subtle or obvious ailment that even a small increase in your water intake might help alleviate naturally? In your journal write a new story about the power and potential of improved hydration in your life and why drinking water is a priority for you.

4. From this place, it’s time to take a mindful pause. Caring and compassion have a direct impact on your body. Write about how drinking more water is not a punishment but an act of care and compassion for yourself, your body, your mind, and your highest potential for great health, glowing skin and vitality.

This exercise is not about getting you to stop drinking other beverages. Instead, simply aim to increase your water intake each day, even if just by a few glasses to begin with. By taking this one, simple step you will improve your overall hydration and the dehydrating beverages you drink will naturally decrease.

As you experiment with increasing your water intake, continue to journal. Note what you observe over the next several weeks about your quality of sleep, level of cravings, skin quality and overall energy. It might surprise to learn that you don’t have to withhold the drinks you love but simply increase your water consumption from a place of compassion and care to see a noticeable impact in your overall health.

Below are some recommended practices as you further explore the element of Water: