Inner Reflections
August 17, 2020

Summer Time Food For Vitality

Summer is a powerful time to add more raw foods to your diet and in return you will be doing your overall health a huge, healthy, hydrating favor. Raw foods are fresh, uncooked and full of nutrients.

Foods eaten in their original, unaltered state provide enzymes, detoxifying benefits and increased immunity. These live foods contain enzymes that act as a catalyst for detoxification and the absorption of nutrients.

The heat of summer is a great time to increase the amount of raw foods that you eat and they should feel easier to eat and digest during the warmer months of the year.

Foods that are vibrant in color means they are antioxidant rich so use summer as a time to increase the colors on your plate. For example, beets are a liver detoxifier and when the liver is functioning well, by efficiently removing toxins from your body, your skin can appear brighter and more vibrant.

According to the famous raw food advocate, David “Avocado” Wolfe, there is also research that shows cruciferous raw veggies can help drive plastics out of the body. Consider tossing some raw cabbage or broccoli into your salads for additional cleansing benefits.

A great way to add more raw food to your diet is through juicing or blending. Juicing leaves soluble fiber, which is more easily digested, and provides quick and easy nutrient absorption for faster nutrient release. The nutrients and antioxidants from juicing go directly into your bloodstream. Juicing also allows you to take in more produce in a single serving with greater ease.

On the other hand, blending your fruits or produce means all of the fiber goes into your body which helps to slow digestion and can leave you feeling fuller longer for a more sustained energy release.

The intention is not to go on a “summer diet” but instead to simply try adding more nutrient dense food to your day. Naturally the addition of these foods might crowd out foods that have a higher tendency to make you sick such as sugar, alcohol or highly processed foods which often permeate a summer diet of fun and relaxation.

When choosing raw foods, try to purchase organic fruits and produce if circumstances allow. Organic options have been shown to contain two times the mineral content and fewer heavy metals.

In case you need a bit of inspiration, my favorite smoothie is a minty chocolate Superfood protein smoothie.  All you need is a few mint leaves, ice, a cup of water or almond milk (or any milk you prefer), a handful of spinach, a teaspoon of cacao nibs, a tablespoon of almond butter, a teaspoon of spirulina or blue green algae powder, one banana and blend! You can always add a scoop of protein powder for an extra protein boost too. 

Also, below are some recommended practices to embrace and fully indulge in the last days of summer: