Summer Ayurveda

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.Summer <b>Ayurveda</b>.
Summer Ayurveda
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

Although this practice can be enjoyed anytime of the year, it is tailored to the season of Summer. Prepare to move through a flow with postures and breathing exercises that are optimal for the Summer season.

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Marjan Buseyne
I deeply love this class. It gives everything my body, mind and soul craves: easy sliding in warm-up, power strengthening challenge, breathwork, some more challenge, spiritual wisdom, humor, group energy, profound teacher energy, stretch-relaxed ending. Love to receive these classes. Thank you very much. Namasté )(
Laura Molfetas
Loved this class. Good balance of strength, balance. I watched it first and it looked easy but it was NOT. It was a challenging class that left me feeling great!
I did it when I was freezing, amazing!
Tasneem Krueger-Vally
Another truly amazing flow!!! great and sweating on a hot summer morning *!*!*!
Rafaela Hänggi
A really balanced flow to leave you strong and sweaty!
Clare Perry
Volume is too low. Even on full cannot hear well enough.Otherwise loved it!
Absolutely loved it. Great mix between strength and balance – leaving the yoga mat centred, sweaty, and happy.
👍 Wooow nice lesson thank you mr.Travis!!? I will do afternoon again because new asana's variations and I want focus more (I am parachudist)🔝. Namaste from Thailand Adriano 🇮🇹
Fair warning, this class has a lot of movement while holding plank. I did an upper body weights workout yesterday and was already sore so this was particularly hard for me. Loved the balance poses and the half-moon variation.
how much i love these practices Thankyou so much TRAVIS Namaste
Did this one in the dead of winter and it was great! Good flow and sweat...