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Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

In yoga they believe the body is like a sponge. In this class, you will move through a dynamic sequence of twisting poses, wringing out the bodily sponge. By the end of this class your body will be purified, spine electrified, and overall feeling light as a feather.

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Nga Do Huyen
I loves the poses in Travis and Lauren classes. But it would be great if you guys can organise some classes with Minimal Clues. Talking too much in yoga makes YOGA less YOGA
Shadi R
I enjoy these workouts. I usually had to complement yoga workouts with weight lifting exercises to increase intensity and muscle building; however, these workouts are challenging by themselves. My biggest criticism is that there is too much talking: 1. It disrupts the focus and serenity of a meditative state of mind. 2. It diminishes the workout’s repeatability. Listening to the speeches during the workout is ok for once, but they become irritating with practicing with the same video. Hearing the same jokes and stories over again, instead of attaining a peaceful mindset, can be somewhat frustrating. This is a significant drawback that takes away the enjoyment of repeating the same class. It would be beneficial if the dialogue during the workout were restricted solely to instructions and tips for executing the movements.
Gordana Gigovic
I love this class so much. I'm doing it over and over again. Thank you!
mutlu dinckok
great class
Michaela Koblížková
where can i find this music please?
stephanie booth
Twisty, energizing, flow — love Travis's cues and sense of humor. :)
Carolin Richthofen
This one ist great - nice sweat!
Blanca Perez del Palomar
Such a great and intense class! Great for feeling powerful! Thanks Travis, great challenge!
Beatrix Lischka
My favorite class - keep coming back to this for a good sweat and an even better mood after the practice! Thank you Travis!
Travis, Thank you for your offering of yoga to the world! This is one of the most challenging ,yet most enjoyable yoga classes I have experienced thus far. I have come back to it many times over the last year and I have loved it each time. Much appreciation sent your way!
fantastic combination of challenge and getting to know oneself. thank you <3
Travis knows how to make you enjoy the burn
The best yoga class I've ever taken. It's challenging yet fun and leaves you in absolute bliss.
Halfway through the Level Up 108 day challenge, and I gotta say this class is the hardest if you ask me, It's a bit of a creeper, thoroughly enjoy every second though!
This is the class which was a turning point for me to decide to subscribe for InnerDimension TV. The very first time I did it I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, while now, the third time I am doing it, I can only say - I ll always love it and I ll always find something challenging in it! Be prepared for a challenge (if you need an extra effort - do it in a sunny room, almost like a hot yoga;))
Very tough class, especially if you don't take a break with Yin the day before. Well worth it at the end!