Inner Reflections
April 11, 2022


It can be hard to see the beauty in life when we are struggling. Whether those struggles are on a personal level or on a global scale, much of our energy goes into survival when we are faced with challenging life circumstances.

As hard as it can be to recognize the beauty in difficult times, there is so much power in small, simple moments with the opportunity to turn towards the light. When we stop for a second to take a deep breath. When we pause to watch a cloud float by. When we slow down to witness the miracle that is the body we live in… we create more space for higher vibrations of energy to flow.

Simply recognizing the beauty around us and within us can be an incredible practice of yoga. In uniting ourselves with our surroundings through co-creating an experience of presence, we give ourselves (and others in our lives) the opportunity to witness love. And this love is all around us in nature. The power of nature is magnificent. The grace in nature is inherently beautiful. And it’s in experiencing that beauty, we can fall deeper in love with the moment.

So take some time today to just observe. See what you can notice around you that radiates beauty. Notice the things that shine their light so bright that you can’t help but turn towards them…you can’t help but smile. Witnessing the beauty around us creates the space to experience the highest vibrations of energy that exist. Give it a try.

A reflection on Seeing Beauty:

What if we started seeing the beauty more often in our lives?

Focusing on the magnificence and radiance and wonder.

Seeing other humans for their beauty rather than their flaws.

Their past as an incredible story of splendor and tragedy and growth.

Their wrinkles and stretch marks and scars as a map of their journey and the road they’ve traveled.

Their choices and opinions as an incredible way of expressing freedom.

What if we could start walking through the world with a little more kindness in our hearts?

Having an openness to appreciating our differences.

Having calm conversations to understand rather than arguments to win or “wrongs” to “cancel.

What if we could see the miracle each and every one of our lives really is?

Understanding that we are all just doing our best with what we’ve been given.

With the life we’ve been navigating and that our outward expressions are merely a reflection of the deep well of feelings we carry within.

What if we started giving ourselves and others a little more grace?

Moving with the energy of kindness, softness and peace.

Knowing that life is hard. So damn hard. And yet so incredibly beautiful.

Being gentle with ourselves and everyone that crosses our path.

Can we start to see the beauty?

In the eyes of another living being.

In the embrace of a loved one.

In the story of a stranger.

In the reflection looking back at us in the mirror.

There is so much beauty to be cherished.

So much kindness to be shared.

So much peace to rest in.

So much awareness to dance with.

So much love to experience.

What if we started seeing more beauty?

What if we all decided to make that shift?

What if?

Below are some recommended practices as always:

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by Brittany