Inner Reflections
October 10, 2022

Mental Health & Yoga

In addition to physical benefits, the mental benefits of Yoga are huge and IDM TV is here to support you. Our instructors share some personal thoughts on how Yoga has improved their mental health journey.

Brittany: “When I began practicing yoga and meditation, I had no idea just how impactful they would be on my mental health journey and become absolutely imperative in helping me have a different relationship with the anxieties I carried with me most of my life. I have become more resilient to stress, cultivated a healthier and more positive outlook on life’s circumstances, and I’m so much more patient with myself through the challenges I face. I’m so grateful for the practices that have (literally!) changed my life. ”

Byron: “Yoga has helped my mental health by cultivating presence.  Consciously receiving and releasing helpful or hurtful thought patterns consistently brings me back to feeling more like myself.  It has helped me feel comfortable in my own skin”

Mychal: “There is really no way to measure the significance that the practices of yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama, and the five other limbs) have had in my life supporting my overall well-being and mental health. If I were to use a scale of 1-100, it would easily be 100 out of 100. One of the ways in which I have noticed that incorporating the practices of yoga into my daily life have supported my mental health specifically has been how grounded in calmness my mind has been. No matter how subtle or how severe and earth-shaking, my mind has been able to stay calmer and more present than ever before. I recognized this because it was not always the case. It was very easy for me to overreact and take things personally, and though it is and always will be a practice that is challenged, I feel more equipped with the appropriate tools needed to handle anything with grace, stability, and a calm mind.”

Erin: “The practices on the yogic path brought me from a dark time in my life, where I suffered from an eating disorder and spiraling anxiety, into an empowered and vital experience of life. By learning how to be in harmony with my body, move energy through my being, and open to something bigger than me, I not only saved my life, I found my life.”

Chris: ““Practice” before yoga had one purpose to prepare me to win the game, and I had to win or I wasn’t enough, and I wouldn’t belong, which led me to live life in a perpetual state not feeling worthy just being me. Yoga taught that practice and ultimately life was not just about winning, it was about being and experiencing the present moment just as I am. ”

Below are some recommended practices geared towards enhancing your mental health:

Yoga Nidra Meditation