Yoga Nidra: Returning Home

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.<b>Yoga Nidra</b>: Returning Home.
Yoga Nidra: Returning Home
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
45 Minutes

This Yoga Nidra is a calming guided practice that invites you to relax your body and mind, free yourself of stress & create a healthy inner awareness for elevated emotions to manifest in your daily life. Through this visualization, allow yourself to release tensions and invite ease so that you may return to a space of comfort and home within.

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Martha Ledesma
This is a beautiful practice! I was aware and conscious, my body and mind relaxed completely. It has become an important part of my yoga practice. Thank you!!
Lina Boutaleb
Deeply calming meditation, Brittany you are brilliant, thank you, sincerely
You are so amazing Brittany. Thank you. Yoga nidra ia absolutely amazing.
Laura Goellner
I found this session fundamentally deep and very soothing, almost like a healing meditation. At some points I was drowning a little since it was so relaxing what was fine, too, but what really caught my attention was how brittany was leading on to let you create coherence in the mind and coherence in the heart and let you tap into your cosmic consciousness without any effort. She really has a great quality in her tone as well. More Yoga Nidra like this please! Really loved it.
Caron Lynn
Simply divine! Deeply nourishing and replenishing. I"m absolutely floating!
Emily mould
Yoga nidra is my absolute go too when my body just isn't feeling right. I use it to connect mind to body again and relax every muscle and joint when my body hurts. Yoga indra is a life saver and will always be a forever practice for me. Namaste