Meditation in Motion

Visit yourself with thematic slow flows and moving meditations in this accessible yoga series.
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Slow Flow
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Meditation in Motion
20 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels

Rumi once asked, “do you make regular visits to yourself?”

This series is an invitation to visit and re-visit not just yourself but the foundation of your practice. Whether you are new to yoga or looking to deepen the meditative connection to your practice, the classes in this series are thematic slow flows accessible to all levels that build in intensity as the series progresses.

Each of the 20 minute moving meditations focus on themes found in traditional mindfulness practice such as the breath, body, gratitude, loving-kindness and acceptance.

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Beautiful series! Bringing me back to why I do Yoga. Would like to see more classes like this
Jane Guevarra
Just what i need today
Hannes Brandl
Wonderful and peacefull practice!!!!
This is Flowren!
Natania Cipriano
What a lovely series, bringing me back to the essence of yoga. Thank you, Lauren.
Cristina V Fitzsimons
Such a beautiful being you are Lauren Super Soul 🦋
This was perfect timing as I am starting back into my Yoga practices after an injury .Thank you for this gentle loving series to help me get back into my practices. Love you Lauren for all that you do!
Viktoria Werner
beautiful practice
A wonderful way to end a busy day and return to stillness.
Just loved it, Thank You Lauren -
So nice for an easy "Rumy's Sunday morning moves..." Thank you Lauren
Dear Divine, thank You for Lauren as She is. Thank U, thank U, thank U.
Jaizel Lopez
Grateful for this. I'm coming back to daily practice after a hard time and this is just perfect. Thank you Lauren
Hayley Trower
Perfect for my recovery post-covid. Some gentle, mindful yoga flows.
Nora Zietz
a lovely yoga sampler after too long a hike in the woods. thank you
Caron Lynn
"If the only prayer you say is Thank You, that is enough." Thank you, thank you, thank you Lauren for these beautiful, soulful, nourishing practices. Namaste
Thank you Lauren.. A blissful reminder of beginners mind, back to basics and the power of the breath.