Inner Reflections
July 12, 2021

Living with Purpose

By Brittany

A common question among those of us on a journey of spiritual growth is, what is my purpose? It may come up in contemplative meditation. Or maybe just when we take a side-step from our daily responsibilities. What am I here to do? What is my “why?”

Sometimes thinking about our purpose can be seemingly heavy. Especially for those of us who might face overwhelm, anxiety or analysis paralysis. It can feel like a question that needs to have the perfect answer before we begin. Or like we have to make giant changes in our lives: Quit our job, move to a new place, change things in our relationships.

And maybe for some, that’s appropriate. But for so many others who are very happy and content with where they are or it’s just not the right time to make radical changes, “living with purpose” can be quite simple. It can be smiling at the next person we encounter. It can be making a game out of mundane tasks. It can be recognizing that the things we do in life make a difference, no matter how big or small.

We also have to keep in mind that purpose isn’t something that is fixed and unchanging. It isn’t something that has one answer. And it doesn’t have to be the ONLY thing we focus on when we find it. There are so many ways to embrace our “why” and live with purpose without it having to be a life-altering mission to figure out. Rather than fitting our entire identity into our purpose, we can let our purpose be a part of who we are. It doesn’t have to dictate every single thing we do. Phew! That takes some pressure off, doesn’t it?!

Here’s a reflection that I wrote about “living with purpose” that I hope helps you find some clarity. And if nothing else, I hope it gives you permission to be gentler on yourself, be kinder to your soul and trust that your purpose will find you just as it’s meant to.

What does it mean to live with purpose?

Living with purpose doesn’t have to be grand gestures or huge life-style changes.

It doesn’t have to look like quitting your job or moving to a new place.

Living with purpose can be quite simple.

It’s watching the bees buzzing in the blooming spring flowers.

It’s telling a joke to your co-worker to lift their spirits.

It’s asking a loved one how they are so they know they aren’t alone.

Living with purpose is simply inviting a loving presence to this very moment.

Today and each day show up fully.

Make each moment count.

It doesn’t have to be a milestone day to be fully lived with gratitude and love.

This is your opportunity to be with everything that is.

Even when life challenges you, can you show up for what it’s trying to teach you?

Give yourself permission to live in this very moment.

Inhale fully and soak it all in.

Allow today to be the day that you continue to take one single step forward.

Take one moment at a time.

Take everything that is handed to you and make the most of it.

Let today be the day that you choose to receive more, to love more, share more,

smile more, and allow your heart to dance like no one’s watching.

You deserve to live fully with this beautiful day you are living.

Life isn’t just about achieving and goal-reaching.

It’s not just about “getting there” or always looking ahead.

Life is lived right now.

This is the only moment you have.

Truly. Here and now.

Can you take a step back from the big picture and enjoy the little things?

The light you can see.

The warmth you can feel.

The breath you get to breathe.

This is living.

So often people think they have to wait to fully live.

Wait until conditions are perfect, until they have more money, or buy that house,

until they have it all sorted out.

But the only way to live fully and for happiness and true peace to arrive

is to meet them here in this moment.

Happiness is already within.

Peace is already present.

They are here just waiting for you to recognize them

in the laugh of a friend

in the wag of a dog’s tail

in the smell of a warm dish

in the breeze sweeping the clouds across the sky.

And when you can bring in a little more brightness

and awareness to this very moment,

that is living with purpose.

Below are some recommended practices to help live with purpose: