Inner Reflections
August 10, 2020

Why Good Digestion Matters

Adulthood taught me to view my overall health from the inside out. For example, early on I thought skin issues could be resolved with skincare products and routines, but over time, I began to see how diet, nutrition, hydration and supplementation play an essential role in glowing skin and my overall health.

My favorite way to promote my overall health is with good digestion. This means starting each day with a large glass of fresh celery juice. Celery juice is a potent detoxifier and will have an immediate impact on your digestion so, if it’s new to you, make sure you can be near a bathroom for at least an hour after drinking your juice!

I love to add a squeeze of lemon and a little ginger for a kick. Nutrition expert Kimberly Snyder has shared that celery juice has naturally high sodium content which raises stomach acid and can help break down food leading to improved gut health and decreased digestive stress which will have a positive impact on your overall health.

Making sure you’re having daily bowel movements, without relying on caffeine to stimulate them, is essential to your overall health. Then, ensuring your diet is full of naturally probiotic and prebiotic foods helps to further enliven your body, the first human dimension.

Most people don’t realize that toxins accumulate in the colon and if left unattended can lead to skin breakouts. Constipation isn’t just physically uncomfortable but, it also has a way of showing up on your face due to toxic overload occurring in your gut. You can ingest probiotics naturally through fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, yogurt, or tempeh.

Your gut is additionally supported by having adequate prebiotics in your diet. Most people are aware of probiotics these days but prebiotics play a key role in your microbiome as well. Simply adding quinoa, onions, artichokes, amaranth, or leeks to your dinner plate can help get some prebiotic foods into your diet. Prebiotic foods are high in fiber and further help promote good digestion and therefore a healthy and radiant body.

Hydration throughout the day plus a nightly does of Omega oils will help keep bodily tissues, including your brain, healthy and supple. If you’re plant-based, you can find vegan Omega oils otherwise fish oil can be used. If you prefer healthy fats from food sources, consider adding walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, salmon, tuna, or mackerel into your diet.

Research has shown that Omega-3 fatty acids help protect the skin from the sun and the healthy fats reduce sun-induced inflammation which is important as we head toward summer. Fatty acids can also help fight wrinkles while keeping your skin hydrated.

Whenever possible it’s best to get all of these nutrients from food but you can always support your health, especially when you’re traveling, with supplementation instead! Try adding some of these nutrients to your diet and watch your overall health improve from the inside out.

Below are some recommended practices to help aid in digestion and detoxification.