Inner Peace

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.<b>Inner</b> Peace.
Inner Peace
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
60 Minutes

Our overall health requires us to invite balance to both our inner and outer worlds. Not only can we use relaxing postures to detoxify the body but we can take time to nourish the energetic pathways within ourselves to encourage a wholesome inner environment, in turn creating a more peaceful state that we can take to our outer world.

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Katie Tucker
Sooooo good. So mellow, great release both mentally and physically. thank you!
Julie Lilienthal
Heavenly informative practice. Mochas gracias. Sending love from El. Salvador.
Delphine Lefebvre
Beautiful practice: deep, complete and so relaxing for the body. Thank you Britanny!
Geneviève Couture
Thank you so much Brittany! it was a really nice practice, as always.
Wonderful class! I felt balanced and relaxed.
Claudia Gabler
Thank you Brittany for bringing back the space for peace into my body and mind. A wonderful class, I can highly recommend whenever you feel stressed out. Namaste! c:
Another wonderfully taught class, thank you Brittany
Probably my favorite class. I love it; definitely fills me with inner peace, and just an overall feeling of wellbeing. Thank you, Brittany.
Felt amazing after the practice.. loved it🙏
Beautiful practice!
Love the Shoelace variations and Frog Pose! All the poses definitely stimulate the liver and gall bladder channels Brittany discusses. I am not typically aware of channels or meridians within the body, so good job by Brittany for highlighting those.
So beautiful. No words. Thank you <3
Definitely lived up to its name. I thoroughly enjoyed this practice and will definitely return to it. I also appreciated the information presented and how relevant it was to what we were moving through. The self massage was very soothing too. Wonderful practice.
This is an absolutely lovely class! it was perfect. I thought it would be too easy, but it's not at all. It's not hard, it was just right I felt awakened, opened, and recharged! This was exactly what I needed today. Especially after a busy, hectic week at work. A perfect way to start my Saturday.Thank you, Brittany.