Inner Reflections
March 27, 2023

Vital Recharge

Hello my beautiful Inner Dimension TV family! I am so very excited to share my newest series – Vital Recharge – with you. I have personally witnessed so many loved ones (myself included!) experience a massive amount of energetic burnout recently due to our “get shit done” culture and this mentality that we are meant to always be “on.” 

However, true balance is key to maintaining our health and ability to move through life with an abundance of energy and vitality. We need time to rest – and not just when we are asleep. Conscious rest for the mind and body is imperative for all of the systems in our body to maintain health and vibrancy. I’m constantly reminded in life that we “can’t pour from an empty cup.” So in response to a global need to truly nourish ourselves with time for inviting balance into our lives, I created “Vital Recharge” to help us all fill our cups back up.

Vital Recharge is a special 28-day Yin Yoga and Meditation Series for the Meridians. What’s a “meridian,” you might ask? Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, the meridians are lines of energy that transport Qi (life force), blood and nutrients as well as remove toxins to support homeostasis within our physical body and subtle layers of our being.

Through daily practices over the next four weeks, we will explore the six main meridian pairs and the energies and elements associated with them, along with two other vital meridian pairs for a whole-body recharge. By stimulating the meridian lines through stretching, compression, twisting, releasing, acupressure, and mental awareness, the energy flow within our bodies will begin to regulate itself and come into a beautiful place of balance. Think of it sort of like the body’s natural “adaptogen” system – if an energy is stagnant, stimulating the meridian line will help to invite a healthier and freer flow of the energy; if an energy is over abundant, stimulating the meridian will signal for the energy to regulate into a calmer state. Pretty cool, huh?

The practices rotate between Yin and Meditation classes so every day is a little bit different. I designed the series in this way because I understand that some of us may want to simply focus on a month of recharge, however many of us may still want to practice a yang style of movement throughout the month as well. If that’s the case for you, feel free to put your power vinyasa practices or HIIT workouts in on the days when we practice Meditation. And then every other day, you will receive a deliciously recharging Yin Yoga practice to balance out the hard work you’re putting in through your strength-building movements on meditation days. This series also includes a special acupressure self-massage class to tie together the beautiful Qi-flowing practices to help you relax, release and recharge your mind, body, energy and spirit at the end of each week.

Just like in my Awakening the Chakrasseries, “Vital Recharge” also includes a companion workbook to give you more info about the meridian lines, the TCM elements as well as journaling prompts to help you dive deeper into your recharging journey with me if you choose to use it. You can also choose to take the series at your own pace and enjoy the practices whenever you need them.

I poured my heart and soul into this series so that you can get the recharge that you so deserve. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Let’s get started.

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by Brittany